• Diana Wollach

5 Ways to Shake Off the Summer & Be Productive this Fall

Photo: Rochelle Fox from Pinterest

The last days of summer are slipping through our fingers like fleeting granules of sand… OK, so the official equinox isn’t until the 23rd, but does it even feel like summer anymore past Labor Day?!

In this transitional phase, we could all use some tips on how to start the fall off fresh. With that, here are 5 ways to boost your productivity and morale as the days get a little shorter.

1. Make your beach bod your lasting bod

Just because you won’t be showing off that booty or six-pack quite as much doesn’t mean it’s time to give it up. The benefits of your healthy eating and fitness motivation also work to help you sleep better, increase your focus and of course, boost your confidence. Stick to your healthy summer habits and reap the benefits all year round.

2. Ask yourself, “How YOU doin’?”

Just like that, Joey style. But seriously, just because you’ve waved goodbye to summer “me-time” doesn’t mean it’s time to neglect your needs. Remember to periodically check in with yourself, chase away any negative emotions, and tackle obstacles and doubts head-on. Not only will this keep you running full-steam, it’ll make you a happier human, too.

3. Take short breaks throughout the day

Breaks are not just reserved for vacations. Taking 10 minutes to yourself two to three times a day, no matter how busy you are, is proven to help you stay refreshed and productive. Use it as an excuse to get a glass of water, stretch out your limbs or simply meditate. It’ll make a world of difference.

4. Stay social

Channel your summer socializing into your work by brainstorming with your team, delegating tasks when needed, or asking for help when you’re stuck. Then grab a drink to unwind, and build office morale so you can stay as positive and energized as you did last summer.

5. Live in the moment

OK, summer is over, so what? Fall is beautiful, too. Enjoy the changing colors, sign up for a 5K, go apple picking… Life’s too short to mull over the past. Appreciate the good times and move forward.

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