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This is a true story I heard from Ven. Hye-Guk Sunim.

About 30-40 years ago, there was an old abbot at a small Zen temple in the high mountain ranges of Korea. The abbot had been wanting to rebuild the main building of the temple as it was old and falling apart. Everyone donated money, and finally there was enough money gathered to start the work. So the abbot announced the news and thanked everyone for their generosity.

That night, the abbot was awoken by a burglar demanding the donation money. The abbot refused to give him the money. But the burglar was not ready to give up either. The burglar pulled a knife out and threatened to kill the abbot.

The abbot said “It's not my money, so I can't give it to anyone.” The burglar didn't have time to play games with the abbot, so he said, “What do you mean? I know you have the money, and I want it now, or I am going to have to kill you.”

Then, the abbot calmly told the thief, “You seem to need that money more than the temple, as you are ready to kill someone for it. Remember, I am lending this money to you so pay back whenever you are ready.” The burglar took the money and off he went.

Ten years went by, and one day, a gentleman visitor came to the temple for the abbot. The gentleman said, “You lent me money ten years ago, and I came today to pay back the money with interest.” The abbot smiled and said, “Was that you? I couldn't see your face because it all happened in the dark.”

Ten years ago, the burglar tried to steal the money. He had gone bankrupt and lost everything and was heavily in debt. He didn't think much of what the abbot had said about lending the money as long as he had the money and kept his hands clean. Maybe because of the blessings of the abbot and the kind donors of that money, he was able to start a new business and become very successful. However, in the back of his mind, he couldn't stop thinking about paying back the abbot who may or may not remember his face.

The gentleman thanked the abbot for putting the temple project on hold for ten years and rebuilt the main building of the temple better than the abbot had planned, as the interest.

This story teaches different lessons to different people, even to burglars. What Ven. Hye-Guk said after the story was, “A promise was made in the dark between the two before the burglar took the money and ran. The burglar would have to pay back the money at some point; even if it is not in this lifetime, it'll happen in their future lives which will leave them wondering why one is always giving and the other is always receiving.”

According to the law of causality, the burglar paid back the debt he accepted knowingly and unknowingly because his conscience pricked him. However, some people might have chosen to ignore it, thinking that they can get away. Well, the law of causality catches up pretty quickly no matter how fast you run.

If you feel that you are always the giving one, consider that you are paying back your karmic debt from the past. Moreover, now that you understand the law of causality, start creating many new causes for the future with good words and intentions.

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Maggie H is a Life Cartographer, Eastern philosopher, Qigong master, Buddhist and Taoist meditator, Feng Shui practitioner, and researcher of Buddhist scriptures. She lives in Hong Kong, and regularly travels to both India and South Korea to further her spiritual growth and development. Her lifelong motto is: "benefit to all humankind."

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