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"Can a baby’s destiny be changed by fixing its time of birth?" This is one of the most frequently asked questions in my field, and I have a dramatic story to definitively answer it.

This story was encountered by Master Jawoon, my teacher as well as a practitioner and well-known counsellor in Korea.

A few years ago, a couple came to visit him for a session. At that point in time, the wife was heavily pregnant with her due date merely a month away. The couple had heard of Master Jawoon's illustrious reputation and wished to double check the unborn baby's birth chart, which had already been fixed by a different counsellor. They had been told that the pre-fixed birth chart was the best-case scenario, considering that the remaining time to the due date was quite short.

Master Jawoon looked at the chart and saw that, indeed, the birth chart indicated that its owner would achieve something remarkable in life. The chart belonged to someone blessed to live a virtuous life, become an influential leader, and engage in many altruistic pursuits. However, when he looked at the parents' birth charts, he found that their traits were not quite up to the competence level required to effectively raise and nurture a child of that caliber.

Thus, he promptly advised the couple that even though the birth chart was one of the best that anyone could possibly put together, that child would require a much higher level of parenting than they could possibly provide. Hence, he predicted there was a higher probability that the baby would not be born at the expected time. Noticing the perplexed emotions on the to-be parents’ faces, he proposed to fix another birth chart for them, which would be compatible with both their and their unborn baby’s dispositions. He only needed their permission.

However, the husband was very disappointed and upset to hear this prediction and haughtily remarked, “We heard you were the best, but, obviously, we have wasted our time coming here. Guess what? We have already booked an obstetrician and an operating room for that exact date and time. Everything is all set to go, and I will prove you wrong.” Having made this proclamation, the couple stormed out. Little did they know that it was not the end of the story.

About a month later, the couple sheepishly came to visit Master Jawoon, and the husband began to share what had happened.

On the pre-fixed date and time that his wife was supposed to give birth, everything was ready to go. Right before the scheduled caesarean section, the husband decided he still had a few minutes to smoke a cigarette. He walked right outside the hospital and lit his cigarette. He ecstatically thought about how he was just a few puffs away from welcoming a new member to the family – which was completely contradictory to the teacher’s prediction. Satisfied with this imagined outcome, he smiled contentedly.

At that moment, he heard the wailing sirens of an ambulance getting closer and closer. He saw it approaching the hospital’s driveway and pull over right in front of him. The doors swung open, and guess who was carried out on a stretcher? A heavily pregnant lady completely covered in blood.

Needless to say, the newly arrived pregnant lady was rushed to the operating room that the couple had prepared months in advance and gave birth to their lucky baby! Meanwhile, his wife had to wait for the next time slot, which was already well past the pre-fixed birth time.

Finally, they accepted their fate, and decided that they should still be very happy as they were fortunate to have a healthy baby. It was then that they came to apologise for their misunderstanding, and ask the teacher to suggest a good name for their baby.

In today’s modern age, we have the option of surgically changing the way we look and artificially pulling a baby out of the mother's womb at an auspicious time. Nevertheless, no matter what we try to do, tricks and hacks alone will not work unless we develop an in-depth knowledge of who we are and what works for us.

Maggie H is a Life Cartographer, Eastern philosopher, Qigong master, Buddhist and Taoist meditator, Feng Shui practitioner, and researcher of Buddhist scriptures. She lives in Hong Kong, and regularly travels to both India and South Korea to further her spiritual growth and development. Her lifelong motto is: "benefit to all humankind."


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