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Celebrate The Year of the Dog with This Delicious Chinese Food

Photo: Hong Kong CNY 2018

It’s the Chinese New Year, and as we ring in the Year of the Dog, we welcome some of our favorite companion’s best qualities: loyalty, honesty, intelligence, and a strong sense of right and wrong. That’s what Chinese astrologer Laura Lau says, and those all sound wonderful and much-needed in the world right now.

As the festivities begin -- and they are known to last for more than two weeks! -- there’s no better time to refresh your favorite Chinese joints in New York, LA, San Francisco and Miami. Read on for ICBRKR’s top recommendations and get ready for a taste bud explosion of Peking duck, soup dumplings, fried rice and more!

New York

Photo: RedFarm

RedFarm: This modern take on Chinese food paired with a farm-to-table approach makes RedFarm one of our favorite Chinese joints, period. It has the best Cantonese food and look out for their creative dim sum and amazing small plates.

Peking Duck House: You guessed it, this spot has the yummiest Peking duck in New York! It has been in Chinatown for years and feels both authentic and local.

Los Angeles

Photo: Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung: With many locations around California, Seattle and even internationally, Din Tai Fung specializes in noodles and dumplings. Din Tai Fung is originated from Taiwan but they make Shanghainese food. We think they have the best soup dumplings out there.

Pine & Crane: This casual Taiwanese-Chinese joint in Silver Lake has the best Chinese food without traveling to East LA. Try their noodle soups and small dishes, and they’re great for vegetarians, too.

San Francisco

Photo: M.Y.China

M.Y. China: This is Martin Yan’s restaurant, star of the cooking show Yan Can Cook. It may be located in a mall, but the food is really good and the place is always packed. Make reservations!

San Tung: These guys have got great lunch specials and a menu that’ll leave you wanting to try everything! The chefs are from San Tung, a region in China that specialize food with dough, that is why they have the best dumplings and noodles in town. Plus their chicken wings with honey sauce are to die for!


Photo: 1-800-Lucky

1-800-Lucky: Miami isn’t know for their selection of Asian food, but 1-800-Lucky is great. They offer a marketplace of eateries, including some solid Chinese options. Plus, they have karaoke. Sold!

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