• Tara Curran

Creating "self care" for you

photo by Jillian Guyette for Skin Food Talk

What's Self-care anyway?!

The word "self-care" gets thrown around a lot on wellness blogs, by practitioners and maybe in your inner circles or maybe you've never even heard of this! Either way, self-care is a word used to describe ways in which you show love, and care for yourself, mind, body, and spirit. Doing things that only benefit you, can be hard for some and even bring up emotional turmoil. We haven't always talked about taking care of ourselves first as a positive. But now more than ever, it's so important to put ourselves first so we can then stand in this world as the best version of ourselves. And have the capacity, energy, and health to support others, and accomplish goals that we've set out for ourselves. Self-care can be super simple or as extravagant as you want, the important thing to remember is that you create little goals and routines for yourself daily to make sure you're giving yourself the love you deserve.

Here are a few helpful ways in which you can add more self-care into your everyday:

1. Become mindful of the food you choose to eat. Food is information, and what you put in will determine how you feel and function. Start to read food labels if your buying packaged goods, if you eat meat or fish make sure you know where it has come from and the farming techniques used. There are so many hormones and chemicals being used in and on our food today that strip us of nutrients and health. So be mindful!

2. journal to eliminate stress. Keeping a daily journal can help you process your thoughts, boost creativity and reduce stress. Just by sitting down to write for 2-5 ins a day can make all the difference. Start by writing first thing when you wake up, whatever comes to mind. It could be the dream you had, your to-do list, or a bunch of jibberish. Just getting in the habit, and creating a routine out of it is self-care and you will notice a huge shift in yourself. 

3. Sweat! My rule is 3-4 times a week. Getting in a sweat at the gym, taking a class, going for a run or hike, or even sitting in an infrared sauna. This not only will keep your body looking and feeling great but your mind, and happiness. Sweating also rids the body of toxins laying just under the skin. So for glowing skin, a happy attitude and a great bod, sweat as often as you can.

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