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I’m really not a sweets person. Does everyone say that? No but really, I will almost always choose salty over sweet if given the choice. On the occasion that my sweet tooth does need to be satisfied, only the absolute best of the best will impress. So for February, the month of sweets and sweat(pants), here is my list of the most decadent confections to indulge in in New York City.

The Avocado at Empellón

Alex Stupak’s dessert looks uncannily like an avocado half but after one bite, your face with light up in delight as the flavors that you actually taste are bright lime, whipped cream, eucalyptus yogurt and lime snow. // Empellón

Pudding at Sugar Sweet Sunshine

Forget Magnolia Bakery, this unassuming little bakery in the LES happens to serve the absolute most incredible pudding around. They do have banana pudding which is phenomenal, but the real star is their chocolate chip cookie pudding. Each bite is smooth, silky, a touch of crunch and a bit of chocolate. You will not want to share. // Sugar Sweet Sunshine

Corn Husk Meringue at Cosme

The corn husk meringue is the perfect dessert even for people who don’t like dessert because a) it's not too sweet, and b) it's light as air so there’s no excuse to not order it. The meringue is crisp and instantly dissolves on your tongue. The creamy corn filling is lightly sweet like baby corn and then dusted with earthy burnt husk. There is a reason this has consistently been named one of New York’s best desserts. // Cosme

Nutella Churros at Boqueria

photo by @restaurantourtv

What else is there to say except that Boqueria has done to their churros what you always wished your churro would be. They come in an box and are more bite-sized than a normal churro, served steaming hot and injected with creamy Nutella. A perfect end to an evening of tapas or maybe just a sweet nightcap. // Boqueria

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies

No post about desserts would be complete without a chocolate chip cookie from Levain. Each giant cookie is crispy on the outside and molten chocolate dough on the inside. Each bite is packed with chocolate and just the right amount of walnuts to add crunch and an extra layer of flavor. I think it goes without saying that Levain is the uncontested winner in the realm of cookies. // Levain Bakery

Passion Fruit Pavlova at JoJo

photo by argusguide.com

The pavlova at JoJo is both beautiful and a bright way to finish a meal. The meringue is cracked open to reveal a scoop of fresh sorbet; it adds crisp texture and the whole dish is bathed in tart passion fruit seeds making it feel exotic and yet so comforting. // JoJo by Jean Georges Vongerichten

Supermoon Bakehouse

Peanut butter jelly Croissant from Supermoon Bakery

Sister to SF’s Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Supermoon is creating some of New York’s wildest confections. Each week the lineup of creations is more impressive than the last. Their pride and joy is their series of Croissants. Each one is labored over for three entire days to ensure the perfect alignment of the hundred flakey layers, the crisp glimmering outer shell and the right amount of gooey filling. This place is just fun to go to and if you purchase enough of these edible works of art, they will come in a stunning iridescent box. // Supermoon Bakehouse

Dominique Ansel Bakery

Everyone by now has heard of the Cronut and its creator, Dominique Ansel, who has also created dozens of other incredibly creative treats and viral sensations such as the cookie shot, the watermelon ice cream and the frozen s’more. What is so fantastic about Dominique is his mastery of traditional confections paired with his wild creativity. Anything in his bakery will satisfy your sweet tooth from a simple delicate madeleine to the cronut of the month. // Dominique Ansel Bakery

Happy Indulging!


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