• Tara Curran

Health is a journey

We are midway into spring with summer so close in sight! And without fail this time every year you may be thinking or hearing a lot about getting your body, "summer ready". A statement that is cringe-worthy in my book. I find it annoying to read so many articles and blog posts about diets promising to help you lose those lbs for the perfect bikini bod. Because I'm sorry but dieting, does not work. Well, maybe for a minute, but then the weight loss and the feel-good feelings always seem to end at a point. And the other reason is that it is not a sustainable way to health and happiness. In fact, dieting can actually reck more havoc on our health and weight loss goals in the long run. So what is the key to health, ideal weight and feeling good in your own skin? Understanding that health is a journey. If you can resonate with this you are already on your way.

Taking a mindful approach to health and being your best happens through implementing small steps each day. And it includes what you eat, how you manage your stress, movement, and self-care. So today I would like to share a couple key things you can start at any point in your life to get on YOUR healthy journey.

1. Food Journal

Start keeping track of what you are eating each day. Write down what you had, breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks. You can also include how you felt before you ate and after. Taking inventory of what your having can help you understand what you may be missing in your diet, what makes you feel good, and if your eating for hunger or eating emotionally.

2. Sweat

Getting in a good sweat each day from exercise, and/or infrared sauna helps reduce inflammation in the body and reduce stress. It is also an important step in self-care. Stress causes our cortisol levels to spike and can through off our hormonal balance which can lead to weight gain, brain fog, and PMS in women. Aim for 3-4 sweat sessions a week!

3. Eat Slower

Food is made for enjoyment and nourishment. Culturally speaking it is also for celebration. In our go, go, go world it's more common to eat "on the go" or while doing other tasks. Causing us to not pay attention to how we are actually feeling, what we are eating and if or when we get full. Whether you eat all your meals out or cook at home, start to create a routine around the time you take to eat. Sit down at a table, put the phone away and savor what you are putting in your mouth.

Tara Curran Holistic nutritionist
Photo by Jillian Guyette for Skin Food Talk

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