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ICBRKR GUIDE TO ART BASEL 2018 - Art Edition by Adeline Diamond


Art Basel in Miami Beach from December 6-9th 2018

Keto diets are all the rage with Art Basel Miami around the corner! Although Miami is always hot and happening, with the latest and greatest, Basel brings a bit more spice to the standard Miami art scene and nightlife. This four-day-long event welcomes all members of the art world in a celebration of life, senses, technology, history, processes, materials, and events—making it one of the most diverse art event series in the world.

Permanant Exhibition - Ernesto Neto - The Margulies Collection at The Warehouse

Kick start your creative journey with a coffee, matcha or (and) mimosa and croissant in hand at The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse. The breakfast reception will be celebrating new acquisitions: a compilation of various artists whose skill sets span over a variety of mixed mediums—mixed media, photography, digital media, acrylic, etc. The Warehouse is featuring from artists that include: John Chamberlain, Willem de Kooning, Olafur Eliasson, Donald Judd, Anselm Kiefer, Sol LeWitt, Ernesto Neto, Isamu Noguchi, George Segal, Tony Smith, and—one of my all-time favorites—Franz West. In order to see all the work that you fancy this event takes place from 9 am to noon, Wednesday, December 5th hosted by the oh so delightful curators Martin Z. Margulies and Katherine Hinds. Start right!

Pepe Mar

Friday, make it a priority to visit one of the most colorful—literally—collections by Miami based artist Pepe Mar. The body of work presents a survey of colorful assemblages and collages created over the last fifteen years along with some of his new work. What I admire about Mar is his unique approach. His compilation is not straightforward: He has digitally reconstructed images of his previous pieces and printed them onto large, irregular pieces of fabric that were then stitched together, stained, and often appliquéd. To feel inspired you can find his work at

Emin Tracey - I Think its in my Head - Girls' Club Exhibition

To parallel the begging of your trip, start the latter end of your adventure with brunch—because brunch always. This brunch takes place in Fort Lauderdale at the Girls’ Club Collection: Occupying a space in between the traditional realms of a museum, private gallery, and community art center. The new exhibition is featuring and celebrating contemporary artwork by so many influential female artists (from the Francie Bishop and David Horvitz collection) and—like most museum exhibitions—is uniquely educating the public about new trends in art-making as they arise. The emotionally moving and thematic exhibitions feature a unique diverse body of work from the Good/Horvitz collection, works loaned from other collections and works from local, national and international contemporary artists. See what the club is all about and visit the Girls’ Club Collection at 723 NE 2 Avenue between 9am and noon. Join the Club!

Maria Marinez-Canas - Untitled

Following brunch, be sure to visit Maria Marinez-Canas studio. The Miami-based, Cuban born artist reflects on topics such as origin, belonging, and her personal history through the unique combination and application of photography, collage, drawing, and sculpture. Cañas brings a fresh and experimental attitude to all of her work through her mixed mediums which are best described loosely as "photo-based" in that over the last thirty years she has used virtually every photographic medium in realizing her ideas. Although her work can be technically elaborate, the layers of emotion that seep through her various processes never gets in the way of the forcefulness and impact of her imagery. This artist studio visit will bring you into a new dimension at 2011 SW 10th St. Miami between 9am and noon. Be there!

What "Baseled" feels like

Go, and consider yourself Baseled!

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