ICBRKR EXTRAORDINAIRES: Meet Eva Kaczor, Spiritual Guide & Psychedelic Breather

Welcome to our ICBRKR Extraordinaires Series, where every two weeks, we highlight one extraordinary ICBRKR. Our community is our backbone, and we’re proud to be BRKing the mold with such a passionate and engaging group of people. ⚡️

As we get closer to Tulum season, we continue our Extraordinaires interviews with the inimitable Eva Kaczor, Life Purpose Coach, Spiritual Guide, Breath Work & Meditation Teacher, Yoga Expert, and the Founder of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, YOGIS ON SOUND, and YOGA MEETS ART. Based in Berlin, this Art Aficionado, Music Lover, and Fitness Buddy brings her transformative experiences all around the world, collaborating with artists such as Acid Pauli in places including Burning Man, HABITAS, Nomade Tulum, Domos Earth Equador, Festival Nomade Chile, and Villa Illumina Mykonos. Catch Eva at ICBRKR’s Wellness Retreat in Tulum, in partnership with Ahau Collection Tulum, and Birds of Mind.

Eva, your work is inspiring and MOLD BRKing. What made you become a yoga instructor, life coach, and breath work guru?

It was a hell of a ride ;-) I have the gift of a deep intuition and a pretty strong mind that wasn't infused with any spiritual wisdom in the first 30 years of my life. But I was highly interested in human potential, and could read people's essence from an early age on. So I jumped into Psychology, got a diploma and careers in Brand Strategy and Leadership Development. The burnout I experienced with 31 came in the form of deep exhaustion, and a year on the couch, filled with shame and guilt about being sick.

It was that year where I dove deeply into healing, studying everything I could find from Reiki to Biohacking, to nutrition, and energy medicine. The breakthrough came when I started to become honest enough to ask: “Why are you here? What is your highest potential? What the hell is my calling?” I didn’t get the answer straight, but I started to radically follow my joy for spiritual guidance, a radiant body, contemporary art, and electronic music (thank you, Berlin…).

This is how I founded my two online art magazines (including Art Berlin), and traveled to NYC to do my first yoga teacher training. Back in Berlin, I built my own community and experiences around art and music. Collaborating with Crussen, Acid Pauli, Jacob Gröning, David Mears, Nour and Birds of Mind, I invented my international event series PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, YOGIS ON SOUND and YOGA MEETS ART, sharing them at Burning Man, Afrikaburn, Nomade Festival (Chile), THE MONASTERY at The Gardens of Babylon, Nomade Tulum, Mezcal Amores Experience Oaxaca and at Villa Illumina's Cryptocurrency Symposium on Mykonos, among others.

I taught only where I myself felt uplifted through the presence of music and extraordinary humans, supporting them to dive into calling and purpose. This is how my calling as a Life Purpose Coach came to me. I now share my skill of intuitive soul readings, and my expertise in spiritual and physical practices with my clients. Supporting them to feel and realize their soul's potential in their own creations.

YES! We are so excited about the PSYCHEDELIC BREATH workshop you are co-hosting with us. Can you give us a little preview of what to expect?

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH is my mix of dynamic breathing techniques and spiritual guidance that holds the power to take you into a non-ordinary state of consciousness. You are supported by deep sound that I co-create with amazing electronic music artists. 90 minutes in total, it is rather short compared to other honored breathwork schools that often go for hours. My aim is to support deep self-exploration, emotional release, and a clearer vision of your calling and creations on this planet in an accessible way. The ritual closes with a guided meditation that is different in each session, depending of where I feel the collective focus is beneficial.

What do you love most about ICBRKR?

First of all, I honor its founders. When I met those two amazing women behind ICBRKR, I was blown away from the unique mix of their strength, their dedication to create something they truly believe in, and their feminine side at the same time. I collaborate with ICBRKR as I know its mission comes from the heart and is real. Connecting extraordinary humans by creating transformational experiences in collaboration with music artists is also one of the deepest pillars of my business.

Last but not least: what is your favorite song right now, and what is your guilty pleasure?

My favorite song is “Nana” from Acid Pauli, as it hits the heart’s frequency in all of my PSYCHEDELIC BREATH rituals.

Certainly not guilty but fully indulged: spending every Sunday dancing, honoring artists of the deep house scene while allowing my inner channelling voice speak to me about my soul quest and next steps into it.

Preach! Thank you for your openness and candor, Eva. We love your energy, and can’t wait to see you in Tulum!

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