ICBRKR EXTRAORDINAIRES: Meet Gal Stiglitz, Personal Development Leader

Welcome to our ICBRKR Extraordinaires Series, where we periodically highlight one extraordinary ICBRKR. Our community is our backbone, and we’re proud to bring together such a passionate and engaging group of people. ICBRKR: MEET YOUR GLOBAL COMMUNITY. ⚡️

This week, we introduce you to Music Lover and Urban Explorer Gal Stiglitz, Founder of iDiscover 360, a developmental framework that helps individuals, leaders and teams to optimise their personal and professional potential. Gal is a deeply inspiring soul who has dedicated his life to bringing the best out of each individual. Read on to let his positivity wash over you and connect with him in the ICBRKR app!

Hey Gal, so great to chat with you! Tell us more about iDiscover 360 and your journey into creating it?

In my essence, I am an explorer, experience designer and connector. I am passionate about bringing meaning, purpose and fulfillment​ to modern living in the most grounded and intelligent way. I believe that now it is needed more than ever.

I grew up in the north of Israel, a fascinating place with a biblical landscape, a story within a story, and in some cases one story against another story. That tension and richness evoked my curiosity about people and cultures, and a wish to build bridges between them. From a very young age, I was drawn into philosophy, history,​ theology, etymology and psychology, and have always been fascinated by the big questions of life. After many years of study and observation, I came to realise that the root cause for many of the challenges we face as individuals in the 21st century is a symptom of our blocked self awareness and a misunderstanding of human nature.

In my late 20s, moving to London became a life-shaping experience for me. The exposure to different people, cultures and ideas catalyzed the shifting of my career from Technology to Personal Development. My passion led me to found iDiscover 360 to provide cutting-edge human development solutions for organisations and individuals. The iDiscover 360 framework is based on a universal model I created for a deep understanding of human nature and the self, and it is proven to increase self awareness, emotional intelligence and mental resilience. The iDiscover 360 curriculum focuses on self discovery, self mastery and leadership. Basically, everything they ‘forgot’ to teach us at school and university.

What we see in our programmes is astonishing. When we use a model that is aligned with human behaviour, people make incredible psychological and mental progress in a matter of hours or days. After working closely with hundreds of individuals and helping them reach new levels of fulfillment in their personal and professional lives, I can say now with certainty we have something very exciting to share with the world.

That’s amazing! You are clearly dedicating your life to helping people reach their full potential. What role does community play in your vision?

I personally believe that there is no way for any individual to reach his/her full potential without fully engaging in a rich community life. What I have found is that the more one is committed to his/her community, the more fulfillment they have in their life. Therefore, we encourage our alumni to take more accountability in the communities they are part of, or to create new ones.

Community plays a huge role in iDiscover, and we constantly nurture our alumni community. We do so by initiating introductions and community events with enriching content; it’s easy for us to make great intros because we know the values of our alumni. At iDiscover, you will find inspiring leaders and extraordinary talents from all walks of life; there are some overlaps with the wonderful ICBRKR community.

We advocate a lifestyle of discovery inward and outward, many of our programmes and community events are deliberately designed to be immersive. The experience is amplified with the surrounding of rich culture and beautiful nature, such as Antalya, Ibiza, Tulum and other stunning locations around the world... We recently ran one of our core programmes in the heart of Catalonia, combining it with a historical tour of Girona, sailing trip on the Costa Brava and hot air ballooning across Catalonia.

Jealous! Speaking of all these beautiful places, which is your favorite?

There are two types of cities that I love:

  • Urban cosmopolitan mega centres such as London & New York

  • Cultural hubs with strong character such as Lisbon & Tel Aviv

The thing all the cities I love have in common is that you can explore them by foot and walk almost everywhere...

So true! Good picks. You also call yourself a Music Lover. Any favorite tunes you’d like to share?

I love journey music, i.e. music that takes you on a journey or an odyssey. The Whale Rider soundtrack or the Inception soundtrack are good examples for it. Also, deep melancholic and sophisticated music like Radiohead.

In the electronic arena, Bob Moses and Bedouin are my favourites. I am also inspired by the musical and sound experiences Eduardo Castilio creates with Mardeleva.

Yasss! We’re big fans, too. Since there’s some overlap between our communities, what would you say you like most about ICBRKR?

I think ICBRKR gives an opportunity for people to meet and connect with a global network of people who are at the forefront of a variety of lifestyle trends. At an ICBRKR event, you are likely to be exposed to the latest and the most exciting social and lifestyle opportunities and possibilities. I appreciate how much intention the founders of this community exhibit to create a safe space for authentic conversations. I also really like the fact that ICBRKR creates events where members are encouraged to share their passions and collaborate with one another.

And we are so thankful to count you as one of our valued members. Last question, it’s a rite of passage: what is your guilty pleasure?

Halva, it is a Middle Eastern sweet made of tahini (sesame) and it is a true delight. Recently in Tel Aviv, they started to sell Halva as an ice cream flavour... wow, so dangerous, I could eat it forever. A must-taste experience when you visit Tel Aviv next.

We will definitely take you up on that, Gal! Thanks for making the world a better place, and for sharing your journey with us. We look forward to catching up at one of our future ICBRKR events!



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