ICBRKR EXTRAORDINAIRES: Meet Jessica Warren, Mindfulness Expert & Entrepreneur

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This week, we introduce you to Fellow Foodie, Wellness Guru and Global Explorer, Jessica Warren. Co-Founder of Mind: Unlocked, a mental wellbeing resource for the modern human, Jess helps people improve their mindset to lead a more fulfilling life. She’s helped the ICBRKR community through her wellness posts on meditation, self-care, and more, and now she’s here to share more about her extraordinary professional and personal journey. Get to know Jess below and connect with her in the ICBRKR app!

Jess, we’ve enjoyed your wellness insights on the ICBRKR blog for a while now. Can you share what inspired you to start a wellness/meditation business?

I graduated from university mid-recession, and got a place on a professional services firm’s graduate scheme in London. It allowed me to study for a chartered accountant qualification whilst working in corporate finance, where I helped entrepreneurs buy and sell their businesses. After nearly five years there, I had the opportunity to co-found an angel investment network with a wonderful tech entrepreneur — we would evaluate start-ups and help them to raise funding.

I was surrounded by a lot of external success — the type our parents and culture almost promise will make us feel fulfilled. It seemed apparent however, that no matter how significant a company became, a founder’s internal world also massively affected their well-being — or how happy and healthy they were.

Since I was a teenager, personal development fascinated me; I recall pondering the meaning of life whilst sitting in an algebra class at the age of 13! In my 20s, transformational courses and books (10 of my favourites are here) helped me see how much calmer and more joyful life felt when I took responsibility for it — rather than putting that on other people or circumstances. Realising I had a big say on the types of thoughts I have, and how I react to them, was a total game-changer.

After the painful break-down of a long-term relationship several years ago, I decided to go deeper into working out what really mattered in life, and how I might see things differently. My friends noticed a change and began asking for advice about how they could improve their mindsets too. I soon realised it was likely my life’s purpose!

Brilliant! How did that translate into Mind: Unlocked?

When I met my business partner Niraj Shah at Mind: Unlocked, we decided to start making practical, no-fuss and evidence-based online courses that expand upon his mental well-being workshops in London. Our first online course is a beginner’s guide to building your own meditation habit. We know different people like to meditate with different styles and schedules to suit their lives, and believe that, like exercise, it’s crucial to do in a way that works for you to make it a regular habit. We’re pleased to hear our community is calling it “better than Headspace”! We also enjoy helping companies and individuals learn about meditation, finding digital balance and mindfulness at our in-person sessions.

I’ve coached many successful entrepreneurs on how to strike a better balance with their work, and how to accept themselves unconditionally beyond their material successes. I have spoken at international conferences, on BBC Radio, and have my articles and guided meditations published about improving mental well-being and resilience.

Going forwards, I would particularly like to help people find strength in the feminine (such as their intuition, nurturing, emotional availability, connection to nature) aspects of themselves. I think we have revered and associated power with the masculine (like technology, capitalism, political control) for so long, it’s time for the World to balance things out.

That is so true. We support you 100%! What is it you like most about ICBRKR?

The community makes ICBRKR unique for me — an international, heart-driven, fun-loving and open-minded tribe, who would feel at home at a think-tank conference or Burning Man. I appreciate being able to find out about amazing wellness, music and travel events with a great crowd through the app; and I also love writing for ICBRKR’s blog.

And we love having you! A few quick-fire questions to finish: favorite food?

I try to eat food that’s local, fresh and less-processed where I can. I definitely have a sweet tooth and love trying out “healthy” versions of my favourite desserts — most mornings I make myself pancakes from eggs, banana and oat flour with berries on top. I’m a big fan of “Intuitive Eating” — where you learn to listen to what your body needs to stay healthy, instead of fad diets.

Choice workout?

I find working out gets us out of the busy thoughts in our minds and into our bodies. I mostly take relaxing and strengthening yoga and barre classes, and occasionally cardio, like boxing or HIIT. I think modern life has enough cortisol spikes already to do lots of intense workouts! I walk around the city a lot too — preferably without my phone in my hand — it’s a great way to stay present as a mindfulness practice.

Favorite city?

I was born and raised in London, but I love being in cities that have lots of culture but also easy access to nature. Los Angeles is my favourite city because of the friendliness of the locals, the diversity of activities you can get up to, the healthy food and wellness scene, and the breathtaking beaches and nature there (not to mention. it’s a bit sunnier than London!).

Most inspiring art piece?

I love literary works of art — as an avid non-fiction reader, I’ve read over 200 personal development books. To me, two of the most beautifully-written modern books on consciousness, mindfulness and mindset optimisation are J. Krishnamurti’s “Freedom From The Known” and Michael A. Singer’s “Untethered Soul.” Visually, nature is my favourite artist, I can watch the ocean or walk through trees for hours!

Guilty pleasure?

Croissants — there’s something about the soft, chewy, crunchy texture, and that buttery taste... yum! I’ve been known to be distracted by one in the distance during a business meeting from 30ft away — true story.

Haha, we can relate. Thanks Jess; we are in awe of your positivity and mindfulness! Can’t wait to continue working together and seeing what you inspire us to do next.


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