ICBRKR EXTRAORDINAIRES: Meet Joy Kimono, Creator of Sustainable Fashion Brand, Exquisitely*Joy

Welcome to our ICBRKR Extraordinaires Series, where we periodically highlight one extraordinary ICBRKR. Our community is our backbone, and we’re proud to bring together such a passionate and engaging group of people. ICBRKR: MEET YOUR GLOBAL COMMUNITY. ⚡️

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Today, we introduce you to Global Explorer, Art Aficionado, and Wellness Guru, Joy Wang a.k.a. Joy Kimono. A woman of many talents, Joy founded Exquisitely*Joy, a fashion brand that specializes in repurposing vintage clothing — mainly ceremonial kimonos — into modern kimonos, capes, blazers, and more. Her creations are timeless, versatile, comfortable works of wearable art, with no fabric lost for maximum sustainability. Find out how Joy used her background in architecture, yoga, art, and fashion to create her brand, and check out her beautiful line here.

Joy, you have such a diverse background and set of skills. Can you tell us more about what you do and what has influenced you over the years?

I am an architect, a yoga teacher, and a fashion creator. I am also a big nerd, a devout sadhaka, and a blockchain enthusiast. I am inspired by the Vipassana practice, the 8 limbs of yoga, the 10 principles of Burning Man, beauty, astrology, technology/innovation, and human evolution.

We love your eco-friendly line of kimonos made from upcycled fabric. What inspired you to do this?

So much fabric is (over-)produced/burned/landfilled everyday everywhere. There is so much unwanted clothing in our world. Some pieces are just exquisite, especially vintage Chinese wedding gowns, Indian saris and Japanese kimono fabrics (all ritualistic ceremonial garments). Up-cycling is driven by an abundance mindset; a desire to show the world that we have more than enough. Our idea is to reuse unwanted items of clothing that were themselves exquisite works of art and give them new meaning, new life, a second chance, a kind of reinvention into magical modern wearables — exquisite clothing for modern rituals.

My brand ethos — extreme sustainability — is really about the zero-waste principle. I work with highly skilled tailors, seamstresses, and global creatives. First, we create clean patterns with minimum wastage. Then for any remnants that could not be avoided, it is our practice to keep every piece because we know that we can always find a use for it later. These remnants also become sources of inspiration. Nothing is lost.

From L to R: Rebecca Causey, photo by Renee Choi Photography | Jessica Branson aka @mindful_jess, photo by Tony Rocco | Jessica White for In Black Magazine, photo by Andrew Sanford Photography

What do you like about ICBRKR?

Communities are very important. Even more relevant now is to create a global network of like-minded people vetted by members in the community based on shared values and technology know-hows. I personally have invested years in growing, researching, and building communities, and became a part of several overlapping communities. The result of this overlapping is essentially, like the weaving of threads in textiles, a kind of evolutionary human fabric that (with enough of us) could/will eventually reach a tipping point and leapfrog into the new paradigm.

ICBRKR is one of the threads that form part of that evolutionary human fabric. Every individual and global creative we come into contact with is an opportunity to drive that evolutionary network forward.

What is your favorite city in the world, and why?

As a global citizen at birth, I have the fortune to have been programmed to see the world as one big city with beautiful man-made structures situated on oceans and continents, with a backdrop of beaches and mountains.

And finally, what is your guilty pleasure?

Dirty martini with Bombay Sapphire gin, sake, and French Bordeaux.

Beautiful, thank you for your wise and inspiring words, Joy! We love what you have created with Exquisitely*Joy and we’re thrilled to share it with the ICBRKR community.


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