ICBRKR EXTRAORDINAIRES: Meet Malin Linnéa, London-based DJ & Music Producer

Welcome to our ICBRKR Extraordinaires Series, where every two weeks, we highlight one extraordinary ICBRKR. Our community is our backbone, and we’re proud to be BRKing the mold with such a passionate and engaging group of people. ⚡️

This week, we introduce you to Malin Linnéa, a Sweden-born, London-based DJ who has traveled the world sharing and developing her sound. This Music Lover and Urban Explorer has warmed dance floors in Burning Man, Tulum, Brazil, Mykonos and throughout Europe, and she’ll be behind the turntables at ICBRKR’s upcoming KALEIDOSCOPIC DEEP HOUSE YOGA & MEDITATION event at The Collective HQ in London on February 23rd. Get to know Malin below, connect with her in the ICBRKR app, and see her in action in London later this month.

Malin, please tell us more about what you do and how you got there. What inspired you to become a DJ?

I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. For as long as I remember I was obsessed with music but didn’t see it as potential job so I ended up studying business instead. After an exchange semester in Madrid, I went to Ibiza with my friends from London. This was 2007 and we went to Carl Cox at Space our first night. I already had a love for underground house music but this trip definitely reinforced it. Back in Stockholm, I took what I now understand was a quite unusually long and serious DJ course to learn the principles of mixing. I guess Swedes like to do things thoroughly because the course was 6 weeks! I didn’t really have any intention of ever working as a DJ at the time, but I intentionally felt that anything that would bring me closer to music was a good idea. After this, I DJ’ed for free in a bar in Stockholm for a while. This was at the time when you used CDs so it was very different to now when you can just download new music with a click and transfer to your USB for every gig. Burning all those CDs and writing tracklists was quite laborious, so there were a lot less DJs out there than there are now.

After short periods of living in Brazil and LA, I moved to London after losing my US work visa in the ravished California 2009 economy. I arrived at my friend Zerya’s apartment in Dalston on a one-way ticket from LA and never thought I would be here almost 10 years later! If you hear Dalston being described as ‘up-and-coming’ now, you can imagine how it was at the time. It was the pre-Uber era and you had to use obscure Pakistani minicab centers to get around at night. We used to go to an after-hours club called Jet Black and it was a bit like DC10 in the sense that you had to really watch your phone (which was probably a BlackBerry) so it didn’t get stolen. Despite the slight culture shock from LA, somehow London grew on me and I got a job at a financial management consultancy. At the same time I was doing warm-up DJ slots at night clubs such as Maddox and Raffles. I was constantly being told off for playing ‘too underground’ so looking back I’m surprised that they kept me. I feel like those years of doing warm-up slots were essential for me to develop as a DJ. London provided the music environment I had been missing in LA and Stockholm. It's a very inspiring city and you can find anything here if you make a bit of an effort to explore.

Wow, what an amazing journey! What are you working on now?

This year, apart from continuing to DJ, my focus is music production plus yoga/sound healing events. I believe sound healing can serve as a great introduction for people who find meditation challenging -- it's an effortless way of meditating and with everyone’s current lifestyle of being connected 24/7, I think it’s so important.

Agreed! Being quite well-traveled, what would you say is your favorite city?

Rio de Janeiro! I spent 4 months there in 2007 and have gone back many times since. I love the beach, the juice bars with açaí, and just the beauty of the city with the mountains and the Christ statue in the background. I’ve also spent New Year’s in Angra, Trancoso and this year Jericoacoara where I had a DJ residency.

And your favorite song?

As a DJ it’s impossible to pick one all-time favorite song but I can tell you one what I’m really loving right now: ‘Azul’ by Joep Mencke which is out on the London label, Crossings. It’s a very beautiful downtempo melodic piece that I played at my last yoga & music event. For parties, Red Axes’ remix of ‘Hyper Martino’ is a great tune!

Love it. We can’t wait to hear what you have prepared for our ICBRKR event on February 23rd! Speaking of which, what do you love most about ICBRKR?

The people working with it and their friends/members! 🙂 ICBRKR does really high-quality events and you always connect with great people. For the London committee dinner, I was invited to a really special 7-course Supper Club style dinner in a tiles factory in Bethnal Green. I never would have found that place on my own and it was a really unique experience.

That was a great dinner! So glad you enjoyed it. Lastly, we have to ask, what is your guilty pleasure?

Probably being too impulsive and optimistically saying yes to too many things. This has led me to some amazing experiences with amazing people but it can also distract you from other things that are important. I’m still working on finding a balance (and more time in the studio to make music).

We fully support you on that mission! Thanks for sharing your story, Malin. We’re so happy to have found you in London and can’t wait to see you in your element!


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