ICBRKR EXTRAORDINAIRES: Meet Maria Usai & Francesca Oddie and Jump Start Your New Year with them

Welcome to our ICBRKR Extraordinaires Series, where we periodically highlight one extraordinary ICBRKR. Our community is our backbone, and we’re proud to bring together such a passionate and engaging group of people. ICBRKR: MEET YOUR GLOBAL COMMUNITY. ⚡️

This week, we introduce you to not one, but two Extraordinaires, Wellness Gurus & Free Spirits Maria Usai and Francesca Oddie. They are the stars of ICBRKR’s first event of 2020, Jump Start Your New Year, coming up this Saturday, January 18th. To start the decade with a flow of positive energy, Maria from Daughter North will help us cleanse and align our chakras during a special Crystal Bowl Sound Bath, and Francesca will lead us through an intimate astrology reading to decipher what’s in the stars and prepare for the year ahead. Get to know these beautiful people below and experience their magic with us this weekend. Snag your tickets here or via the app for an exclusive ICBRKR discount.

Ladies, please tell us more about what you do, and what inspired you on your journey to get there?

Maria: The easiest way to sum up what I do is to say that I am an energy worker. I work with private and corporate clients in personalised programs where we manipulate the energy and heal the body, the mind and the environment. I use sound vibrations, movement (yoga), energy healing (reiki), and feng shui to release and re-balance stagnated energy to promote emotional and physical wellbeing.

I found myself on this path after many years of working in marketing and events. I loved my job until one day, I felt a calling to do more. To use my experience to create events that will not only be beautiful, but DO beautiful. The more I tuned into my heart, the clearer the calling became. I started to train as a yoga teacher and once I learned about the energetic system within the body, I understood that the same energy flows through everything, that everything is connected. We cannot heal one without the other… this is what led me to offer tailored programs based on the requirements of my clients, working on all energetic flows around them.

Francesca: I’m a passionate (obsessive) astrologer and I think that astrology is a fascinating science. My quest is to present the subject simply and to enable people to comprehend the reliable roots of astrology. My road from being a very very shy little girl, to now a flouncing, confident astrologer was quite the adventure. You can check out my full story here.

What does wellness mean to you?

M: Wellness to me means being happy. Wellness is not about having a certain body, eating a certain way or being able to meditate. Wellness is living a life true to your heart, living in a way that is true to YOU.... when we tune into our heart and allow for the heart—not the mind—to guide us, the choices we make will be in the best interest for us and humanity. We’re all connected, energetically, and true wellness means living a life that is better for all.

F: Wellness is such a big term! It’s the one that I select on most dropdown boxes when describing what I do on a form. But does it mean to me? It means the freedom to prioritise a connection to something beyond the mundane. The time to meditate, lifestyle choices that are rooted in intuition as opposed to habit or conformity. The prioritisation of my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing over everything else.

Wellness is a trend, which is a good thing! However, it’s now also a booming trend and we need to remember that absolute wellness is rooted in simplicity, getting back to nature. That’s why astrology is magic, because it describes your nature and helps you to pursue the path of least resistance.

Last, how would you describe yourself in ICBRKR terms? Wellness Guru, Global Explorer, Fellow Foodie, Music Lover or Art Aficionado.

M: I am a Fellow Foodie, Free Spirit, Music Lover, and Wellness Guru.

F: Clearly Wellness Guru, though I wouldn’t necessarily use the word Guru, and Global Explorer.

Awesome, thanks Maria & Francesca! We can’t wait to kick off our new year goals with your positive vibes.


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