ICBRKR EXTRAORDINAIRES: Meet Parallells, Multi-talented Musicians, Producers & Entrepreneurs

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Photo credit: Arnaud Moro

This week, we introduce you to Music Lovers, Fellow Foodies and Global Explorers, Julien and Thomas de Bie of Parallells. An electronic DJ duo that uniquely captures sounds and transforms them into electronic music, Parallells have performed at major international music events like Burning Man and Wonderfruit, started their own label, and produced an audio-visual series that introduces us to sounds and cultures from around the world. Get to know them below, check out and donate towards their latest project, and connect with them on the ICBRKR app.

Tell us more about what you do. What inspired you to follow this path?

We started playing music at a very young age, learning music theory and going to the Academy of Music after school until we left for uni in Holland. After moving to The Netherlands for our studies in 2009-2010, we really got into electronic music and more specifically into the underground scene. We started to go deeper into production and Ableton at the end of our studies and once we both graduated, we had the choice between working for big companies or trying our chance in the music industry.

And here we are! Enjoying your incredible music around the world. We really love your project where you collect sounds and make them into music. What inspired you to start it?

It actually started in the factory of our uncle, where they produce leather. We were often chilling there during our youth, and this place and its machines make so many sounds. When we went back a few years ago, we recorded them all to make a track. We got so excited about the track that we wanted to show where the sounds came from. So we shot the very first video, which was supposed to be only one video in the beginning, and that evolved into our funniest and most exciting project to date, called “A day at.”

The idea behind the “A day at” concept is to spend a day recording sounds of unusual places or jobs and to translate the setting/scene and its components into music with analog instruments. Ranging from a kitchen, green house, ski station and wood factory, to a hotel, dentist, supermarket, hospital and airport, all the sounds characterizing the place are used to make the music. In that sense, it is completely organic. This will be our first album this year.

We started shooting and recording the second series “A day in,” which translates a city or culture into music. The first episode was shot in Essaouira, Morocco with the sound of the Medina and collaboration with local Gnawa legend, Maalem Omar Hayat. Bangkok, Mexico, Azerbaijan and Amsterdam are in the making with more hidden treasures and culture, all of which are captured by the talented lens of filmmaker, Arnaud Moro.

You also have a record label that is expanding and recently opened a recording studio in Amsterdam. Super impressive. Please tell us more about it.

We launched our label, Klassified, two years ago, and are dedicating all our energy into it and the project keeps evolving faster. The Klassified vision is that ideas have no boundaries. We gather all forms of music, art, and people around the globe to come together and express this belief. In these times of pandemic, it makes you rethink the entire direction, but the beauty of it was the creation of this collective of artists that we now call family, that keeps pushing each other to become better and more inspiring.

You have played at so many different venues and festivals. Which gig is your favorite one to date?

Burning Man is the absolute best and it gets difficult to top that, but every festival and venue that focuses on the experience as an artistic and conscious whole is our favourite, such as The Monastery, Wonderfruit, or Garbicz, to name a few.

Our performance in Tulum on Mayan Warrior this year was also to be remembered. The day started with such heavy rain and cold wind… we really thought it would get cancelled. And it turned out to be just the perfect night.

And since you’ve also played all over the world, which is your favorite city in the world and why?

It is very complicated to choose one city in the world, as each country is different and there is not one culture better than the other. However, we decided to settle and base the label in Amsterdam, so I guess this makes it our favourite.

What do you like about ICBRKR?

We first met Joce & Sylvia before we knew about ICBRKR, and we loved their positive vibes and dedication to the project. Once we got into the app and started going to the events, we realized that many of our friends were part of it already. We loved that.

Favorite song?

Llorca – The End.

Favorite food?

Quesadillas and tacos.

Guilty pleasure?

A guilty joint at night before going to bed.

Thanks so much for giving as a peek into your life, guys! We love what you’re doing and we’re so glad you chose to pursue music so you could grace us with your artistic brilliance.

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