ICBRKR EXTRAORDINAIRES: Meet Piotr Brzezinski, Thoughtful Entrepreneur & Community Builder

Welcome to our ICBRKR Extraordinaires Series, where every two weeks, we highlight one extraordinary ICBRKR. Our community is our backbone, and we’re proud to be BRKing the mold with such a passionate and engaging group of people. ⚡️

This week, we introduce you to Piotr Brzezinski, a Music Lover and Urban Explorer whose impressive background and professional drive epitomize the BRK THE MOLD mentality. Born in the United States to Polish parents, Piotr graduated from Harvard in Social Studies and Yale Law before moving to London, where he now acts as a Managing Director for JUUL in Europe. It’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing someone smoking a JUUL vaporizer, and Piotr has been there since the beginning. Get to know Piotr in our interview below and connect with him in the ICBRKR app!

Piotr, you’ve been with JUUL, the vaporizer we just can’t stop hearing about, since it was just a concept. Can you tell us more about your path there?

I set up JUUL International as our first employee outside the U.S., and now run Northern Europe, Switzerland and Iberia for the company. I actually joined JUUL Labs almost five years ago after investing in the company. At that time, we were basically 60 people working out of a small office in the Mission (sharing the building with BMORG!) and hadn't even launched JUUL. Now we are north of 1,500 people with 20+ offices globally and operating in 7 different countries (and more to come in 2019).

It has been a pretty crazy ride, but the reason I joined is still true: it's simultaneously the single greatest opportunity to create a positive health impact on the world -- there are a billion smokers around the world, and half of them will die of smoking related illnesses -- and an incredibly dynamic, intellectually challenging business (fast-growing, highly regulated etc). I've never seen a comparable opportunity to deliver mission-driven impact through business.

That is a huge accomplishment! We applaud you! We also know you’re very into community building. What inspires you to do what you do?

Haha, it's hard to say I've been "inspired" to do it -- more that I don't know what else to do! Ultimately I think it comes down to always seeking out experiences and always wanting to share those experiences with friends. It's almost selfish -- I'd like to see thing X happen, it would be more fun to do it with friends, and lo-and-behold we're now on a plane to set up a party in rural Colombia, or a new camp at BM, or whatever the specific experience happens to be.

Love it! As a self-proclaimed Urban Explorer, what is your favorite city?

To live, nothing beats London and LA. To visit, NYC or Berlin.

And your favorite song?

Right now I'm playing 'Eagles & Butterflies’ by Sketch 17, ‘Horse’ by Darlyn Vlys (Tim Engelhardt Remix) and ‘Helene' by Joris Biesmans on repeat.

What would you say you love most about ICBRKR?

The ICBRKR team has done an incredibly good job of curating a global community of like-minded adventurers. It creates an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and to make new ones.

And what is your guilty pleasure?

I don't have much of a sweet-tooth but the blondies at the Cinnamon Tree Bakery on Broadway Market get me every time.

Yum! We’ll keep an eye out! Thanks for giving us a spotlight into your life, Piotr. We look forward to seeing you at our ICBRKR events in London and around the world!


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