We had such a blast curating part of Art With Me’s Wellness Program last month! One of the best parts: YOU GUYS! Our ICBRKR community showed up in force and we can’t thank you enough for your support. Here are some highlights, including an amazing video by Daniel Cosmic. Enjoy, #NOFOMO!

1. Our events were some of Art With Me's most attended

Art With Me is an annual Arts & Ecoculture festival that promotes Art, Music, Sustainability, Food, Wellness and Culture. It was a pleasure and privilege to curate some wellness events for them, and between our Cacao Ceremony led by Inner Refuge, Eva Kaczor's PSYCHEDELIC BREATH and music by special guest DJ, KMLN, our events were a big hit!

2. Inner Refuge continues to keep their traditions alive

As much as we love traveling, particularly to Mexico, it breaks our heart to see the negative impact of our presence there. Overcrowding and neglectful tourism are hurting these stunning, spiritual places, and it’s important to us to support organizations who work hard to preserve their traditions, like Inner Refuge. ✨

3. We formed a true bond during the Cacao Ceremony

Following Inner Refuge’s lead, we all lost ourselves in their Ancient Mayan Cacao Ceremony. We held hands, danced together and embraced the culture they so generously shared with us. It was incredible. 🙏

4. KMLN created a specific soundtrack for PSYCHEDELIC BREATH

We love KMLN’s music and the fact that they created a special soundtrack for our event was AMAZING. Get a preview in the video below or play the whole set on SoundCloud. 🎶

Don’t let the #FOMO get you. Stay up to date on all our events via the ICBRKR app, available on iOS and Android, and connect with our amazing community of ICBRKRs from around the world. Up next: ICBRKR One-Day Wellness x Music Event in London on June 22. Stay tuned for more details next week.


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