Mirroring our successful Committee Dinner & Drinks in New York, ICBRKR also organized an intimate community brunch in Los Angeles, where select members helped us continue to BRK THE MOLD with their ideas and feedback. This time, we met at Kettle Black, a cozy restaurant in Silver Lake, that served Sawyer’s chic American bistro food. We enjoyed the privacy of a separate dining area to brainstorm and connect over our passions and expertise.

Here are our highlights from the lovely Saturday brunch. Stay tuned for our upcoming ICBRKR events in your area, including our last 3 events of 2018: ICBRKR Tea or Cocktail Hour in LA in November, a collaboration with Lightning Society’s The Chromatic Burlesquerade, and ICBRKR’s PARTY LIKE YOU MEAN IT WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS at Art Basel.

1. The food was divine, and the setting, magical

Sawyer served us really delicious cocktails and food, including smoked trout salad with beets (everyone’s favorite), pumpkin seed granola, smoked salmon with potato cake, and cornmeal blueberry pancakes, which we devoured gladly. The restaurant setting was glorious, too, with a sunroof to let natural light in, creating a perfect setting.

2. We had a great group of people from all industries

Intimate, but diverse, our group came from a wide array of industries, including entertainment, music, creative, finance, and NGOs. We love learning about, and connecting people from all backgrounds and specialities, so this really helped color our perspective at dinner.

3. We learned about everyone’s guilty pleasures...

To BRK the ice, and get to know each other better, we asked everyone what their guilty pleasure was. Someone said “cake,” which launched us into a big debate on all the kinds of cakes we love. No judgment, a lot of fun, and a great way for us to make sure our community always has the best time, guilt-free!

4. We used ICBRKR’s barcode scanner to connect on the spot

Putting ICBRKR to work, we all took out our phones, opened our ICBRKR apps, and scanned each other’s unique barcode to connect all these extraordinary people for future ICBRKR mingling.

5. We did a fun photoshoot for our members

Similarly to our New York event, our West coast photographer, Nicholas Hess, took professional headshots of our members that they can use for their profiles. Better, and more productive, than standard events pics, wouldn’t you say?

Don’t let the #FOMO get you. Stay up to date on all our events via the ICBRKR app, available on iOS and Android, and connect with our amazing community of ICBRKRs from around the world.

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