To continue our mission to BRK THE MOLD, ICBRKR organized a curated and intimate dinner at PUBLIC Kitchen with select members of our community. Then, we gathered at et al in the Lower East Side with the rest of the ICBRKR crowd to dance, mingle and connect with one another. Both dinner and party were a great success, and we feel more inspired than ever by the ICBRKR members we meet at these events.

Check out the highlights of the evening and keep an eye out for other ICBRKR events in your area, including ICBRKR Tea or Cocktail Hour in LA in November and ICBRKR Party Like You Mean It With All Your Friends at Art Basel.

1. We had a wonderful and diverse group of people

Between our Committee Dinner and the Dance & Mingle event afterwards, the people we gathered came from all different industries and backgrounds, making our connections and conversations that much more engaging.

2. ICBRKRs invited their friends

Our community relies on YOU and growing it organically means meeting the people you think would be a great fit, too. We met lots of new people invited by their ICBRKR friends, and can’t wait to see them again at future events.

3. Our photographer took professional headshots of some of our members

We had a resident photographer, Lucas, on site to take professional headshots of some our key members that they can use for their profiles. Instead of event photos, we switched things up for up-close and personal portrait shots. Catch us next time to get your own!

4. Jamie Pabst, a.k.a. Miss Behavior, DJ’d at et al

We hired one of our own to mix the music at the event, and she did not disappoint! Jamie Pabst, a.k.a. Miss Behavior, DJ’d our event and got the party going. Bonus: she was just featured as an ICBRKR Extraordinaire, so people were excited to meet her and talk about her story.

5. It was ICBRKR Advisor, Holly’s birthday!

Mixing business with pleasure, we also celebrated our well-loved Holly’s birthday the same night. She invited some of her friends, and we popped a bottle of champagne. Cheers to a great year ahead, Holly!

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