Earlier this month, we hosted the first ICBRKR Wellness Retreat. A one-day event featuring some of our favorite activities of 2018, our retreat was everything we hoped for and more! One of our missions at ICBRKR is to share -- our passions, our wisdom, our positivity, our community -- and we have accomplished that in a big way at our Tulum event. Thank you to all those who joined us in creating an unforgettable energy that’ll help us start 2019 on a great note.

Check out some of our favorite highlights and pics below, and keep an eye out for the next ICBRKR events you don’t want to miss!

1. Intimate Yoga & Brunch in the Alaya Treehouse

The morning of our retreat was very intimate, as some people only joined for the half-day in the afternoon. Twenty-five ICBRKRs saluted the sun during yoga in Alaya’s treehouse yoga studio to live music by Birds of Mind, who played the soundtrack to most of our retreat. We took a dip in the ocean or laid out under the sun before lunch, which featured freshly-pressed juice, tropical fruit plates, veggie and fish tacos, Mayan chia pudding with bee pollen, and peanut butter toast with cacao honey and banana. All bee products were lovingly provided by Beekeeper’s Naturals. 🐝

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2. Relaxing Stroll Along Tulum’s Gorgeous Beach

After lunch, we walked together towards Ahau Tulum for the second half of our retreat. After just a morning together, you could already feel the connections forming between our attendees. Add to that the beauty of Tulum’s beach, you could tell the magic was only beginning. 🌴

3. Connecting with Each Other at the ICBRKR Connection Workshop

Our first activity of the afternoon surprised our guests a little… As they arrived, we asked them to team up with a guest they had not met before and pick out a drawing they would like to color. They could choose between birds, animals, or fish coloring patterns. The idea was to have people relax and connect through teamwork, like when we were in grade school. Everyone enjoyed this so much, we had to pull everyone away to get on with our program! 🎨

4. Connecting with Nature at our Mayan Cacao Ceremony

We first experienced a Mayan Cacao Ceremony at Burning Man, and loved it so much, we had to bring it back in its home setting of Mexico! The ceremony, led by our guide Cynthia from Holistika, focuses on blessing the higher being and the forces of nature. Cynthia and other artists sang, her group played instruments, and they blessed the cacao before we passed around the bowls to drink it. This ceremony sealed the local experience for us as a group and prepared us for the PSYCHEDELIC BREATH... ✨

5. Release and Renewal with Eva Kaczor & Birds of Mind

Listen to the set from ICBRKR's wellness retreat - PSYCHEDELIC BREATH by Birds of Mind 🎵

Our retreat culminated in the unforgettable PSYCHEDELIC BREATH with Eva Kaczor. By her side were Birds of Mind, playing music specially composed for the event. Together under Eva’s guidance, we built and released energy individually and as a group through breathing in 10 sections, and the nature we connected with earlier opened up with a downpour that only added to the experience. It was beautiful and powerful. ⛈

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Our first retreat was truly unforgettable and we’re so thankful to have shared it with such an amazing group! We’ve got loads more amazing plans for 2019, including a London launch, Art With Me in Tulum in April, and much much more. Cheers to growing our community, staying connected, and making magic together, ICBRKRs! 🥂

All pictures by Nicholas Hess Photography.


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