• Diana Wollach


Last week, we hosted our first event in London ahead of our official launch there this March. We hooked up with ICBRKR Extraordinaire DJ Malin Linnéa and yogi Emily Eaton for a Kaleidoscopic Deep House Yoga and Meditation session, followed by a healthy brunch by Detox Kitchen. Perfect way to start a Saturday! Check out the highlights and pics below, and join us for our official London Launch Party featuring Mira on March 30th -- details in the ICBRKR app!

1. We took over The Den at The Collective HQ

Located in Bedford Square in the center of London, The Collective HQ was the perfect venue to create the atmosphere we had in mind. The Den has its own Funktion-One sound system, a bar, a patio and comfy couches to unwind before and after yoga. It was cool, intimate, and exclusive. We loved it! 🗝

2. Emily led a calming, meditative practice for everyone

Our yoga instructor, Emily, led a practice filled with powerful breathing and lots of twists, which help with digestive functions and of course, to detox and destress. At the end of the session, our final relaxation was enhanced with burning sage and essential oils. The best part: the practice was challenging but suitable for all the levels we had in the room. 🙏

3. DJ Malin enhanced the practice with her kaleidoscopic sound

DJ Malin Linnéa enhanced our practice in two ways: her calming yet energizing deep house tunes which moved in time with our sun salutations and twists, and the tuning forks she used at the start and end of the session. Before we began, Malin used a 111 Hz weighted tuning fork which vibrating against each individual yogi’s sternum to help with focus, memory and mood. During savasana, she rang two 256 Hz C and 384 Hz G unweighted forks to create a “perfect fifth.” Said to be the most powerful tuning fork combination, it inspires instant deep relaxation and helps bring the nervous system back to balance. 🎶

Check out our ICBRKR Extraordinaires interview with Malin.

4. We had a great turnout, full of positive vibes

We were thrilled to have such a great group attend our first official event in London! People from all backgrounds and yoga-levels were keen to try what Emily, Malin and ICBRKR threw at them which such a positive attitude. We loved hearing what brought them to our event, and witnessing them socialize before, after, and even during the practice (we heard a few giggles!). ⚡️

5. Our brunch was healthy and delicious

After expending some energy, our delicious brunch from Detox Kitchen was most welcome! We gathered around our token communal table to chat over Mango & Coconut Chia, Avocado Egg Wraps, Aubergine & Wild Rice Salad, fresh fruit and veggie juices, and of course, some mimosas. Needless to say, we left with happy minds and full bellies! 🥑

Thanks to all the ICBRKRs who joined our first event in London! We can’t wait to expand our community here and look forward to seeing you on March 30th for our London Launch Party featuring Mira at an intimate venue in Camden. Get all the deets in the ICBRKR app!

Don’t let the #FOMO get you. Stay up to date on all our events via the ICBRKR app, available on iOS and Android, and connect with our amazing community of ICBRKRs from around the world. Up next: ICBRKR London Launch with Mira on March 30th. RSVP and get tickets in the ICBRKR app.

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