• Diana Wollach


After months of building roots and scoping out the city, ICBRKR marked its official London launch on March 30th. That night, we did what we do best: brought together a community of extraordinary, globally-minded people who connected over their passions, positive attitude and their appreciation for a good party done right. Check out our highlights and pics below, and join us for upcoming ICBRKR events around the world! Up next: ICBRKR at Art With Me in Tulum on April 25-28. Check out the app (iOS / Android) for all the deets with member perks.

1. Mira, “The Queen of Berlin,” spun the music

Supported by DJ Malin Linnéa and Lu:sid, the “Queen of Berlin” Mira Kater was the main act of our London launch. Mira put her usual magic to work with a dynamic set that had our guests dancing and enjoying themselves. It was an honor to have her -- as one of the hottest deep house DJs right now, Mira has been headlining some of the best festivals and clubs around the world. 🎵

2. Our venue was intimate and edgy

For the occasion, we rented a stunning private house in Camden. Rarely open to the public, it was unique and exciting, with an indoor pool and a natural decor. It epitomized perfectly what ICBRKR is about: edgy, yet tasteful. 🥂

3. The Mezcal was flowing for a taste of Mexico

Mezcal Amores sponsored our party and provided its delicious nectar to get everyone in the mood. Since it’s hard to find in London, this was quite the treat. We got to learn how to mix the perfect Mezcal drinks and downed our supply way too fast! We’ll make sure to have an unlimited flow at our next event with a dedicated Mezcal bar. 🍸

4. The ICBRKR crowd was friendly and fun

Our crowd was open and approachable, making for plenty of new connections and friendships. We’re thrilled to see that the London ICBRKR community is starting strong and can’t wait to witness what’s next with this international, diverse and open-minded group! 👯‍♀️

5. It was clearly the start of something new...

The ICBRKR mission is to connect extraordinary people through activities they love, and our launch embodied that once again. Why go to a club? ICBRKR offers exciting alternatives that facilitate more genuine connections, without compromising on the fun! ⚡️

Thanks to all the ICBRKRs who brought down the house for our London launch! We’re so fired up to be in this multicultural, artsy and stimulating city, and can’t wait to explore all it has to offer with you.

Check out all the photos from the launch here, and feel free to share them and tag us on Instagram! We’re @icbrkrapp. See you soon in London, Tulum, New York… you name it!

Don’t let the #FOMO get you. Stay up to date on all our events via the ICBRKR app, available on iOS and Android, and connect with our amazing community of ICBRKRs from around the world. Up next: ICBRKR x Art With Me on April 25-28. RSVP and get tickets in the ICBRKR app.

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