ICBRKR FOMO MOMENTS: Pre-Burn Sound Baths in NY & LA

David Zach-Shemesh from Woom Center

In honor of Burning Man, one of our favorite annual happenings, we thought it would be both helpful and enjoyable to host a relaxing and energizing Sound Bath ahead of the madness. Enter: ICBRKR’s Pre-Burn Sound Bath events in Los Angeles and New York. To be honest, you don’t have to be going to Burning Man to reap the benefits of such an event -- it’s gratifying no matter what, especially with our incredible partners at Wanderlust Hollywood and Woom Center.

Here are a few highlights.

1. The venues were incredible

Woom Center

We hosted our LA Sound Bath at Wanderlust Hollywood, which is a beautiful studio that exudes relaxation and harmony, and our NY Sound Bath at Woom Center, which has custom-designed rooms that enhance sound vibrations and activate all your senses through audio, visual and even scented elements.

2. The sound baths were unique and electric

Wanderlust Hollywood in LA is blessed with amazing natural sunlight, and it was different and wonderful to experience a sound bath there rather than the usual dark room. Dynasty Electrik led the meditation with a mix of electronic music and sound bowls to create an unusual and immersive atmosphere. You can listen to their music on SoundCloud.

In New York, David Zach-Shemesh, Co-Founder of the Woom Center and Burning Man community's favorite, led our sound bath using multiple instruments and a gong. The combination of sounds made for a differently electric experience that was just as magical.

3. Our sponsors treated us to great gifts

Photos from our NY Sound Bath Event

Photos from our LA Sound Bath Event

After the sound baths, people hung out to snack on avocado toast and pizza, hydrate with coconut water from ZICO and pocket a generous discount from MedMen, which was a big hit. They also received an ICBRKR fan and water bottle to take home (come to our next event to get yours!). The ICBRKR community is what makes these events so agreeable, and the socializing afterwards really stands out.

4. We popped a few sound bath cherries…

At ICBRKR, we’re all about introducing people to new experiences, so we were thrilled to welcome several first-timers to the magical power of sound-based meditation. It made the whole evening that much sweeter.

5. Our guests were already asking for more

Everyone was very vocal about how much they enjoyed these events and immediately asked when they could attend the next one. We’ll only be doing these Sound Baths once a year though… so make sure you don’t miss out in 2019.

The #FOMO is real, people. “Magical” and “special” -- this is what you can expect from all our ICBRKR events. Stay in the loop via our app, available on iOS and Android, and connect with our amazing community of yogis, foodies and adventurers from around the world.

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