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Image: Chloe Wynne Reed - SUP Yoga Tulum / Biosphere

One of the best times to escape the city and truly appreciate your vacation is right after (or during!) the mayhem of the holidays in New York City. The population practically doubles in size due to visiting tourists, crazed shoppers and daily commuters. The temperatures drop, and everyone is bundled head to toe in coat shaped-sleeping bags and furry accessories. But whether you’re in bustling NYC or on the sunny West Coast, it's always a welcome break to head to lush and bohemian Tulum.


I’m pretty sure everyone already knows about Hartwood, and for good reason – the space is beautiful and the cuisine is everything you could hope for. The menu changes daily based on the availability of ingredients from the earth and sea. At Hartwood, they employ sustainable practices which brings it even closer to my heart – from responsible fishing in an effort to maintain thriving aquatic life, to sourcing their local produce from communal Mayan farms called “Milpas”, to powering their electricity needs with solar energy, Hartwood offers so much more to the community than just a great meal.


Gitano is the perfect combination of jungle trendy and whimsical fancy. The space is literally a dining room amidst the jungle greenery. The entrance ushers you in with a hot pink neon sign to a collection of wooden tables under a gigantic tree adorned by glittering chandeliers and even a disco ball. Be careful the Mezcal goes down soo easy here paired with their fresh made juices. The menu includes lots of fire roasted and grilled items like steaks and vegetables, and of course tacos. Late night, the house music will lure you to the dance floor where you will never want to leave.


At Arca, “from fire to table” is their motto. The atmosphere is simple yet elegant and romantic, allowing for the beauty of the surrounding jungle to set the tone. The main dining area features an à la carte menu that changes frequently with an abundance of local flavors, and their new back bar is more of lounge with some fancy Mexican bar snacks. Reservations are accepted from 6-7pm, after which it becomes walk-ins only, so plan accordingly.

Be Tulum

If your aren’t staying at the rustically beautiful Be Tulum Hotel, make a point to stop by for breakfast on the beach. Their Yaan Wellness Spa is also a stunning sanctuary.

Casa Jaguar

A sexy, intimate and atmospheric space hidden in the jungle, Casa Jaguar offers delicious food, great music, and introduces you to the culture of Tulum. This is another spot that will keep you entertained all night.

Coqui Coqui

If the purpose of your trip is a true escape, visit Coqui Coqui - a tiny boutique hotel with only four rooms. Beautifully architected of stone and natural wood, the vibe is relaxing and tranquil. Their menus harness the flavors of the Yucatan Peninsula, and support sustainable agriculture harvesting many ingredients from their own orchards in Coba.

Posada Margherita

If you’re craving some comfort food and have already OD’ed on tacos, head over to Italian favorite Posada Margherita for handmade pastas and breads which will surely satisfy your craving. It doesn’t hurt that it is also right on the beach.

Kin Toh & Tseen Ja - at Azulik

I recently heard about this unique resort which worships the elements and more specifically, water. Surrounded by crystal blue Caribbean sea, their electricity-free eco-villas stand tall above the lush wetlands. The dining areas are primarily made up of private bird’s nests allowing you to overlook the peacefulness of nature while enjoying your meal or cocktails under the moon and stars.

Los Aguachiles

On my last visit to Tulum, my SUP Yoga instructor (of course) recommended that we go to Los Aguachiles for a more local favorite taco and tostada spot. We spent all afternoon counteracting the benefits of our workout by sampling the dozens of local dishes that they have to offer. Super fresh and authentic ingredients make this a low-key spot not to be missed.

By the way - also be sure to check out SUP Yoga Tulum for an incredible experience in the serenity of the stunning Biosphere!


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