ICBRKR EXTRAORDINAIRES: Meet Jamie Pabst, a.k.a. Miss Behavior

Welcome to our new ICBRKR Extraordinaires Series, where every two weeks, we highlight one extraordinary ICBRKR. Our community is our backbone, and we’re proud to be BRKing the mold with such a passionate and engaging group of people. ⚡️

Today, we introduce Jamie Pabst, passionate DJ and creator of Miss Behavior, where Jamie uses music to connect with how people think, feel and behave. In ICBRKR terms, she is a Music Lover, Fitness Buddy and Urban Explorer. Get to know her here, and catch her behind the turntables at ICBRKR’s upcoming Dance & Mingle event in NYC on Friday, September 21st -- check our app to RSVP (iOS // Android).

Jamie, we love your work. Can you tell us why you decided to become a DJ?

I became a DJ first because I was extremely curious about exploring different types of sounds and music that I found impactful. I couldn't easily find these sounds in typical music outlets, so I decided that DJing was the best way for me to gather non-traditional sounds that I would find from literally anywhere and combine them in new, interesting ways.

Secondly, DJing seemed like the best possible way for me to independently and collaboratively experiment with music and see its effects in real time. It's an amazingly fun, creative, and powerful outlet to explore and share the layering of different types of sounds.

What would you say makes you stand out from other DJs?

Most music experiences today are really only enjoyed in nightclubs, concerts or music festivals, and I had some thoughts and ideas around creating compelling non-traditional music experiences that were accessible to the average person in more positive environments, without some of the less desirable aspects you may encounter at the above places. That's why I started honing in on my niche of merging music and wellness. Music has an abundance of mental and physiological benefits, and I want to bring those positive attributes to as many people as possible.

I began creating my own state-of-the-art multi-sensory experiences, where I could play around with sounds in a mindful way. I build out my entire environment in a very intentional way, experimenting with visual design, scent, and more. I mostly like to build my musical experiences around yoga, meditation and dance, but I am always looking to try new things.

[Listen to Jamie's music here.]

Love it. Synaesthesia in action! What is it you like most about ICBRKR?

The ICBRKR mission to bring passionate people together who think a bit differently or have a more adventurous mindset and attitude about life definitely resonates with me. I have always surrounded myself with curious individuals who have a strong passion for what they do or how they live life. The fact that ICBRKR is bringing people together around activities that enable incredible and unique experiences is really great.

And you’re the ideal ICBRKR, Jamie! Tell us how you BRK THE MOLD.

After leaving finance, I started focusing on my niche of music and wellness. What you see in public is me DJing or designing new musical experiences, but behind the scenes, I’ve also been working on my startup endeavor, SpiriTune. It’s still pre-launch, but I can share that the company mission is to use technology to manage emotional wellbeing through the power of music. I think we can all use a little more of that!

Other than at our event on September 21st in New York, where can we find you, Jamie?

I often team up with organizations, groups and brands to DJ private events where I can strategically curate the sounds for a very particular environment or outcome. You can check out more about what I do here or connect me via ICBRKR app!

Right on! Thanks for answering our questions, Jamie. We can’t wait to hit the dance floor with you next week.


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