Last month, ICBRKR joined forces with Summit for their annual conference in Tulum. Together, we hosted two events: ICBRKR Fast Friends and the Tropical Space Hostel art installation. It was a pleasure to work with Summit on this, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future!

Read on for our top ICBRKR Moments, and experience similar magic at our Tropical Jungle Sanctuary in London on June 22nd. Check the app for details.

1. ICBRKR x Summit: A natural fit

ICBRKR and Summit, we’re like two peas in a pod. Our missions and communities mesh so naturally, it makes working together a treat. Meet some of our Summit-bred ICBRKR Extraordinaires: Haru Kishi, Executive Chef of the Summit Series, and Alex Zhang, Summit Art Director. 🏔

2. Launching ICBRKR Fast Friends

Do you ever feel like you meet so many people, but only connect on the surface? We totally get that (we feel the same way). That's why we hosted ICBRKR Fast Friends with Summit: to facilitate natural, authentic connections through out-of-the-box questions that kept the work talk at bay. The questions our team curated include “What are you trying to improve about yourself?” or “What is the last thing that you made you laugh?” The result: flowing conversation and new ICBRKR connections all around. 👯‍♀️

3. Supporting sustainable art: Tropical Space Hostel

Tulum is suffering from an exponential increase in tourism and a lack of infrastructure to keep up with it. Sustainable tourism is so important to ICBRKR, we were proud to introduce Summiters to this year’s installation: Tropical Space Hostel by Simón Vega. A sculpture that focuses on the future as it pertains to “tourist colonialism,” Vega’s art reminds us to respect our environment and travel responsibly. 🏝

Meet your global community. Stay up to date on all our events via the ICBRKR app, available on iOS and Android, and connect with our amazing community of ICBRKRs from around the world. Up next: ICBRKR’s Tropical Jungle Sanctuary in London on June 22nd. Details and promo code in-app.


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