A couple of weeks ago, we hosted an amazing, immersive, inspiring Tropical Jungle Sanctuary in London, and guys, we're still feeling the vibes. Not only did our team of wellness experts and kickass DJs bring the place down with their genius, but our guests also deeply contributed to the unforgettable vibe that emerged. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those who made this event what it was!

Check out our favorite ICBRKR Moments below and stay tuned in the app for our next ICBRKR events...

1. A rare opportunity in London

Our primary idea when planning this Tropical Jungle Sanctuary was to bring authentic experiences we loved from around the world to London. We invited Eva Kaczor from Berlin to lead Yogis on Sound and PSYCHEDELIC BREATH (music by Martin Fuego), partnered with Inner Refuge and Reggie Riverbear to recreate a Cacao Ceremony from Bali & Tulum, and brought some of our favorite DJs from Amsterdam and Berlin. Our attendees had never seen anything quite like this in London before! 💫

2. A chance to unite like-minded people

By the time lunch rolled around, everyone was open, relaxed and engaged, with new friendships forming quickly. Conversation flowed naturally as we enjoyed Kalifornia Kitchen’s delicious plant-based food (curated by Rachel Clarkson, RD) in the sun on Primrose Hill and guests experienced ICBRKR Fast Friends with our fun “break the ice” questions. One of the best compliments we received from the event was how much people enjoyed the community we brought together. We couldn’t be more thrilled! ⚡️

3. A platform for discovery

Some guests tried yoga for the first time. Several were introduced to DJs MAGA, Caleesi and Sarah Kreis. Many finally had the chance to experience Eva Kaczor’s PSYCHEDELIC BREATH. Most were moved by Reggie Riverbear’s enchanting Cacao Ceremony. We revel in that we could introduce our amazing community to new people and experiences! They were all powerful and original, and created many emotional moments. 💛

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