For a whole week in London, ICBRKR hosted its first Speakers Series: an exciting program of Post-Work Conversations. We partnered with inspiring experts on sustainable nutrition, career coaching, CBD, and more, to help our members grow and let the conversation flow. It was an incredible opportunity to engage with speakers from a wide range of backgrounds in an intimate, judgment-free space.

Thank you to all who contributed by sharing your stories, asking poignant questions, and being open to anything that came up. Enjoy our favorite ICBRKR Moments from the week below, and join us for some of our upcoming events in New York, London and around the world!

1. We learned how to maximize our human potential

Steph King from Advice Alchemist taught us how to get to know ourselves better by identifying our Human Design. A blend of ancient and modern science, the Human Design System takes your time and place of birth to determine your individual Personality & Design chart. Steph showed us how understanding our charts could help us recognize personal triggers, get ahead of negative reactions, and lead happier, more productive lives.

Make an appointment with her at steph@advicealchemist.com and she’ll personally coach you through your Human Design chart to help with your personal growth and life coaching too! ✨

2. We discovered how sustainable food and happiness are closely linked

Founder of The DNA Dietitian and long-time ICBRKR, Rachel Clarkson RD, taught us about “blue zones,” a few regions in the world where people live longer and happier lives, often by making sustainable decisions around their diet. It was fascinating to better understand their lifestyles and how we could apply their choices in our daily lives, too.

Check out Rachel’s blog post on how to make sustainable food a priority on the ICBRKR blog, and make an appointment with her to identify your optimal diet based on your DNA at The DNA Dietitian.

Special thanks to Swisse Me for providing some nutritious plant-based snacks and post-workout supplements! Get 10% off when you order with our code NEW10. 🌿

3. We impressed Dr. Tara Swart with our intimate setting

Neuroscience specialist and best-selling author Dr. Tara Swart complimented our audience on what was an open, intimate, and engaged setting that she had not experienced before. She shared her 4-step plan to awaken the power of your brain, including creating a vision board to look at every night. If you weren’t there, you’ll have to buy her book, The Source, to find out the other steps… 📖

4. We were inspired by Neel van Lierop’s “inner compass”

Goop speaker and founder of Inner Compass Cards, Neel van Lierop, made great use of our safe space to share her deeply inspiring and moving life story. After suffering from chronic insomnia and deep dissatisfaction in her picture perfect life, Neel delved deep into her soul, touching base with the universe and creating a type of Angel cards without even knowing it. These turned into her now super popular Inner Compass cards, which help us remember simple messages like “let it go” or “just be,” free to be interpreted as is meaningful to us.

Neel now has Love Cards coming out soon -- you can pre-order them on her website. Mention ICBRKR to get a special discount. 🧭

5. We debunked some serious CBD myths

It’s a hot topic, and it was a sizzling evening at Playa, too. A CBD expert came with a collection of samples and bundle of answers to frequently asked questions and oft-misled assumptions. We sipped some mezcal/CBD cocktails even as we uncovered this was not the best way to absorb CBD, so we popped some CBD mints and rubbed CBD oil on our wrists as well. What we learned: CBD is used to treat anxiety, sleep, skin, pain and sexual health. 🔥

6. We danced until dawn with music by Carlita, Nikolina and El Bedeir at Playa

After challenging our minds and opening up our spirits, we let our energy run wild at our closing party on Saturday night. ICBRKRs from throughout the week gathered in Playa’s exotic space as DJs Carlita, Nikolina, and El Bedeir b2b Bambi Rambo lit up the Playa dance floor. More parties like this, please! 🎧

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