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Jocelyn's Travel Diary: Maui

A few weeks ago, I joined Susi Mai in Maui for her Ocean Goddess Retreat after Labor Day weekend. Ocean Goddess is an invite-only group that Susi created to bring together a group of fearless and outspoken women to enjoy water sports, exchange ideas, contribute to ocean-related charities, and be yourself.

After the retreat, I spent the second part of my trip alone to reflect on my year and set my goals for 2019. It's good to spend quality time by yourself to clear and reset.

Here is a recap of what I took home from both the Ocean Goddess retreat and my solo time.

Ocean Goddess Retreat


Lumeria Maui
  • Checked in at Lumeria in Paia, a beautiful and peaceful place, perfect for this retreat.

  • Lunch at Da Kitchen, a local Hawaiian restaurant, famous for its Spam Musubi and other Hawaiian food.

  • Sunset surf (I missed this) at Puamana Beach Park

  • Sunset yoga at Lumeria

  • Dinner and party at The Dirty Monkey, a popular local bar at Lahaina. The theme for dinner was "toned-down Burner outfits." I wore cat ears. Note: Maui can be very sleepy. If you want nightlife, Lahaina is the place to be.

  • Before bed, I lay down under the starry night on the lawn at the hotel to enjoy silence and the bright stars. It's rare to have beautiful moments like these, since I live in the city.


Sun at Haleakala
  • Morning Vinyasa yoga at Lumeria

  • Morning surf at Launiupoko Beach Park

Lunch at Mil House
  • Lunch at The Mill House, a famous Maui restaurant that serves Hawaiian food.

Sunset at Haleakala
  • Sunset hike at Haleakala. The volcano rests at about 10K feet high, so be aware of altitude sickness due to the thin air. It was literally breathtaking.

  • Farewell dinner at Paia Fish Market. This was a lot of fun because other friends who were in Maui joined us for this causal evening.

Self-reflective trip



  • Checked in to Andaz Maui

  • In search for good poke... #fail The best poke I had in Maui was from the food truck: Got Poke. Unfortunately, it was closed. (Note: make sure you call ahead to check that they are open.) I went to a few markets but the food was not as impressive.

chirashi bowl at Morimoto

  • Lunch at Morimoto to make up for my unsuccessful poke mission.

  • Pool/beach time. I spent all day on the lawn facing the ocean with my book and my thoughts.

  • Dinner at Ka'ana Kitchen in the Andaz Maui. They serve local Hawaiian food.



  • Breakfast buffet at Ka'ana Kitchen. I ate a lot of tropical fruits and had their daily pressed juice from local markets.

  • Lunch at Mama's Fish House. They have the best Lava Flow (piña colada with strawberry daiquiri) that I have ever had, must try. Mama's Fish House is the most well-known restaurant in Maui. It's a bit pricey but if you are here, you must try it out. Since Maui has micro-climates throughout the island, it was raining when I got to Mama's Fish House despite being sunny in Wailea.

  • Pool/beach time. I spent time under the sun reading New York Magazine, and did some work.


View from my room
  • Breakfast buffet at Ka'ana Kitchen.

  • Horseback riding at Piioho Ranch. I drove there but sadly riding was cancelled due to the rain from the night before. I petted the horses and the dogs on the ranch. I was a little disappointed, but I really enjoyed the drive and the micro-climates. Cheers to fresh air!

  • Lunch by the pool. The main restaurants were closed since there was a storm from the other side of the island.

  • Spa.

  • Dinner at Spago at The Four Seasons Hotel in Wailea. I had local fish wrapped in banana leaves.

  • Music that I listened to all trip - Kora @ Burning Man 2018


  • I spent all day by the pool under a cabana facing the ocean to work on my laptop before my flight. I watched this beautiful sunset and felt simply happy.

This sense of happiness, bliss, and appreciation for life really stood out throughout my time in Maui. Being close to nature and having proper quiet time are what I appreciated most. I left feeling a clear sense of direction, and vowing to treat myself to a solo trip like this every year.

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