Matcha Doin’? Start Your Summer Productively.

Strawberry Matcha from Boba Guy

Time to get productive before the summer hits. Not sure where to start? How about with the most productive and fashionable drink on the market: the Matcha Latte.

Packed with antioxidants and a particularly powerful amino acid called l-theanine, which is unique to tea, matcha has been found to perk up your mood, reduce anxiety, increase concentration, and improve cognition. It also contains EGCg, the most sacred of all antioxidants, which helps prevent aging, strengthens your immune system, boosts your metabolism, enhances your memory, calms your mind and relaxes your body. Wow, am I right?!

Not to mention, it is so yummy. You can have it with regular milk, almond milk, macadamia milk. You can have it sweetened or unsweetened. You can throw in some chia seeds. You can whip it by hand. You can enjoy it hot or cold.

Above all, you can treat your taste buds to as much of it as you please, guilt free.

So grab an ICBRKR friend, head over to one of our favorite matcha spots, and treat your mind and body to the endless list of matcha benefits.

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