Namaste San Francisco: 5 Flashbacks to Our ICBRKR Launch Party

A few weeks ago, on a sunny winter’s day in early February, ICBRKR made its official debut in the land of foggy mornings, trendy ice cream shops and spectacular bridges… San Francisco. After launching in Los Angeles, New York and Miami before it, we were so excited to make our mark in the Bay Area. In honor of this special event, here are 5 of our favorite moments from that unforgettable Sunday morning in SOMA.

1. Yoga x Music

Our yoga session, hosted by the fabulous Lihi and supported by inspiring live music from Wichita Ron, was a great success and left us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, just in time to enjoy our next highlight...

2. Delicious Cocktails

“Sweaty Mary” (smooth Bloody Mary) and “My New Fad Cleanse” (lemonade with gin) went down so nicely after releasing all our bad energy and summoning only positive vibes at yoga. More, please!

3. Bangin’ Beats

Every launch party needs a good DJ, and Wichita Ron was up to the task and more. Everyone was boppin’ their heads, shakin’ their hips and havin’ a good time.

4. Good Peeps

Without a good crowd, no matter how amazing your setup is, your party will fall flat. Ours was elevated by our guests, coming in from tech, finance and creative worlds to mingle, dance… and break the ice.

5. Rooftop Lovin’

Since the crowd was so good and the weather warm and sunny, we took advantage of the venue’s rooftop deck and witnessed some serious single-mingle moments. ;)

Check out all the pics here and feel free to download them and tag us!

Up next: official launch parties in Los Angeles on March 18th and New York on April 6th. Stay tuned for more details and see you there!

Find your next Yoga Buddy, Music Mate or Dancing Diva on the ICBRKR app, available on iOS and Android, and connect with like-minded people in San Francisco, LA, NY, Miami and more coming soon.

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