• Diana Wollach

New Feature Alert! Add Your Favorite Song to Your Profile & Connect with Nearby Friends

We’re excited to announce two new features launching in the ICBRKR app this week.

Add your fav song or set

Music Lovers, this one’s for you: you can now add your favorite song or set to your ICBRKR profile. Simply tap on your profile picture on the top right, hit My Profile and Edit Profile. Scroll down and enter the name and URL of the song or set you feel best represents you right now. Your future connections will be able to play it straight from the app. Because we all need a soundtrack to our lives, right?

In addition, we’ve enhanced our location features to notify you (with your permission of course!) when your connected friends are nearby, and vice versa. This is perfect for when you travel! Next time you open ICBRKR in a new location, your connections will get a push notification and/or email letting them know you’re in town.

Make new connections and strengthen your existing ones with these exciting new features, live now on ICBRKR, available on iOS and Android.

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