Om-My-Goodness | Yoga x Brunch: 4 ICBRKR FOMO Moments from Our Hot & Healthy Wellness Event

Earlier this month, ICBRKR hosted the most delicious, soul-filling, positive-vibing event in New York as part of our Wellness x Food Series. Om-My-Goodness combined two of New Yorkers’ most loved weekend activities -- Yoga x Brunch -- for a perfect summery Saturday morning. First, we partnered with the hottest new yoga spot in town, Humming Puppy, for a Dynamic Hum class. Then we treated 10 ICBRKRs to a healthy and delicious brunch at the new abcV, chef Jean-Georges’ latest ABC Kitchen restaurant. Here are 4 ICBRKR FOMO moments from the best Saturday ever:

1. We really got to know each other

Something indescribable happens when you savasana together after a challenging yoga practice, then indulge in a healthy, plentiful meal. Limiting our guest list allowed us the time to get to know each other and bond over our common passions. 👯

2. We filled our bellies with delicious and wholesome food

The menu at abcV was incredible, especially for health-conscious foodies like us. Our favorite dish: the fresh steamed tofu with roasted cauliflower, harissa, coconut yogurt and pistachio. All the food at abcV is plant-based, non-GMO, sustainable, artisanal and organic, with the m.o. that we can and should dine in a way that is both delectable and respectful to our planet. 🌱

3. We gave out some pretty awesome freebies

Every ICBRKR attendee received a $35 gift card from Humming Puppy, an ICBRKR water bottle and Christophe Robin shampoo. Because we know how to take care of our people. 🙃

4. We posed with one of our members

One of our guests was late to class at Humming Puppy, so in proper ICBRKR style, he jumped into our photoshoot with Lucas Hoeffel Photography. We think the pics turned out great, don’t you? 😎

Can every weekend start like this? Why not! Find your perfect Fitness Buddies and Fellow Foodies in the ICBRKR app, available on iOS and Android, and keep your eyes peeled for ICBRKR’s next Summer Series events in LA, NY, SF and even Mykonos. ☀️

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