• Diana Wollach

Ommmmm: Good Vibrations for the Soul

If you’re a yoga and meditation lover like us, you know how good it feels to let that “Om” out. There’s something about those vibrations and deep breathing that fills the soul with love and wonder.

Whether you’re already in the circle or just starting out, here are some of our favorite yoga studios in New York, LA and Miami:

New York

Studio Greene with Marco Rojas: Train with this very special yogi, mixing Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions for a transcendental experience.

Modo Yoga: Great for the cold winter days, Modo Yoga is a form of Hot Yoga that works on your muscles while calming your mind.

Los Angeles

Wanderlust Hollywood: This studio has lots of different offerings, from tantric meditation and soundology to regular events and workshops to deepen your practice. Our favorite is their Soulscape class every Sunday which combines music from an in-house DJ with an artful blend of vinyasa sequences.


The Standard Hotel & Spa: With a beautiful space and Sunrise Yoga every morning, this one is a gem for the early-birds.

Green Monkey Yoga: Set on South Beach with a view on Sunset Harbour, Green Monkey Yoga is a much beloved spot. You can even book your next session on ClassPass!

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