• Diana Wollach

Post-Festival Healing: 5 Tips to Restore Your Festival-Drained Body & Mind

Festival season is upon us and with it, crop tops, bandanas, glitter and… that post-festival hangover. We all know it. Coming down from that festival high -- whatever kind of high it may be -- is never easy, especially when you’ve just seen Queen Bey give the most iconic, historic headlining festival act ever.

To help you out post-Coachella and ahead of the many other exciting festivals around the corner, here are ICBRKR’s 5 tips to help you rest and restore your mind and body after hardcore dancing, screaming and partying.

1. Immerse yourself in a Sound Bath

A Sound Bath is a deep meditation using sound and music to help reduce tension, anxiety, fatigue and depression. Though it’s been used for thousands of years, we’re seeing a resurgence in the trend, and ICBRKR for one couldn’t be more on board. The vibrations resonating in your body paired with the meditation’s soothing atmosphere are truly indescribable and we can’t recommend it enough to get you back to 💯 after your festival fiesta. Fair warning: you may come back for more sooner than you think.

2. Immerse yourself in an actual bath

After the Sound Bath comes the actual bath… or hot tub… or pool… What you do with this is up to you. Play some soft music; light scented candles; invite your boo or go solo; bring your swimsuit or go commando. There’s just something so soothing about water tickling your body as you let go of all that pent-up tension and stress. Pro tip: infuse your bath with eucalyptus bath salts for even more relaxation.

3. Look up at the stars

Look up and let your mind wander and wonder about the deep, wide universe. Use the breathing practices you learned in your Sound Bath meditation and let your imagination run wild with dreams and ideas. If you’re an Astrology nut like us, spot the visible constellations and connect with your local Astrologer -- like ICBRKR’s guru Angie Banicki -- for some spiritual insight. There’s nothing like the vastness of the sky to remind us what’s important in life.

4. Treat your tastebuds to something clean and healthy

After all those tacos and beers, you won’t believe how good you’ll feel after soaking in a roasted salmon and greens salad or a freshly squeezed fruit and veggie juice. We’re fans of Moon Juice’s Matcha Moon, full of high-quality matcha, pearl, lucuma, and sesame butter to boost your metabolism, nourish your skin and fortify and energize your body. Perfect post-festival rejuvenation.

5. Catch some zzz’s

Nothing screams rest like a good night of sleep. Make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours every night for the week following your three days of mayhem. Even better, stay on that healthy sleep schedule indefinitely! There are heaps of apps and gadgets you can use to measure the quality of your zzz’s, from Fitbit to Sleep Cycle.

Obviously, we practice what we preach, so keep an eye out for a recap of our own Post-Festival Healing: Sound Bath x Cosmic Readings event, which we hosted this week in the peace and quiet of the Hollywood Hills. In the meantime, find your next festival bestie on the ICBRKR app, available on iOS and Android.

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