Productive Skincare

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Productivity is a word we associate with work and our home life. But it also is important to be productive with your health. Meaning, you make mindful decisions on the daily, know when to reset and when to indulge. Your skincare/skin health is no different. How do you create a productive skin routine? By understanding what your skin is communicating to you, creating a self-loving routine, and using the right products. 

What you need for productive skincare!

1. Exfoliate - Sloughing off the dead skin weekly is vital to creating healthy, glowing skin. Look for a product that has papaya, pineapple, or oats that are gentle, and effective. Some of my favorites are Josh Rosebrook's Active Enzyme Exfoliator and One Love's Brand New Day scrub.

2. Tone - The most common, missed step in a skincare routine and one of the most important! Using a toner or hydrosol sets up your skin's PH, rebalancing it and allowing for the serum and lotions you apply to be fully absorbed. My personal favorites are Linné Botanicals' Refresh face mist, and May Lindstrom's The Jasmine Garden.

3. Treat - It's important that you understand what your skin is communicating with you to know how to treat your skin. First, check out Skin Food Talk's four skin categories and determine where you fall. Then look for a product with only a few ingredients and one that's smell resonates with you. Sample the serum or lotion before committing to the full bottle. Also, pay attention to what you're eating and add in lots of leafy greens, and vegetables to help optimize treatment. 

4. Get a facial - It's easy to stay in the same routine when it comes to skincare. Just like going for your yearly physical is important for your health, you should have a consistent routine with your facialist. A good facialist will help support your skin's success and teach you the best ways to care for your skin at home. A facial is an essential part of your overall self-care!

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