Maggie H is a Global Explorer and Wellness Guru from Hong Kong. Among many spiritual endeavors, Maggie practices and leads Qigong meditation to help people around the world find their inner balance. Find out more about this practice and join her weekly on ICBRKR's live Qigong Meditation stream every Wednesday.

The hardest thing about being on a diet – more than dieting itself – is going right back to where you were at lightning speed unless you change your lifestyle permanently. It takes months to get there and days to come back with guilt and self-hatred in a gift bag.

Nature has an amazing ability to go back to its original place. The original place for our body is a healthy and balanced condition, as we were born. Other than physical injuries such as cuts, bruises and scratches, most of our illnesses are caused by the insufficient flow of qi (life energy, bio-electricity), which reflects your unbalanced mind due to stress and unhealthy lifestyle. When your mind is kept unbalanced for a while, differing from person to person, the flow of qi to the weakest part of your body gets blocked or becomes sluggish first. When that happens, the body shows you signs through symptoms. If the symptoms are ignored for a period of time, the illness spreads to the neighboring organs and their functions.

The key to maintaining good health is noticing such signs at an early stage and adjusting them back to a balanced state before they get worse. Our natural healing ability works with a 30:70 ratio. If the illness is less than 30 and your healing ability is 70, your body will bounce back to good health by having a rest, good food and moderate exercise. However, if it's the other way around, such that the illness has reached to 70 and your healing power is less than 30, that's when you have to seek medical help on top of rest, food and exercise.

The best way to boost your natural healing power is through the mind, which controls the qi flow in your body. The meridian system, which is the path where qi flows, is not quite recognized in modern medicine, although it is being accepted more as an alternative healing method. However, the meridian system has been the main practice in the East for thousands of years. Certain incurable diseases with unknown causes and cures, such as ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Alzheimer's disease, strokes and so on can be easily explained with the meridian system.

Qigong healing is basically boosting the flow of qi in your meridian system. It's like jumpstarting a car that has a flat battery. We use another car with a full battery to boost your system so that your own power generator starts going again, thereby charging the battery for your car to run at good speed again.

The first step of self-healing is trusting your own natural ability to bring your condition to its original place, like the yo-yo effect in dieting. The second step is letting it naturally surface by setting the body and mind in a perfectly balanced condition through meditation rather than forcefully working on it.

Our next session is going to be a little longer (30 minutes) to exercise our natural healing power. If you have friends or family who need immune boost or self-healing, please feel free to let them know.

See you soon, at the next ICBRKR live Qigong Meditation stream, every Wednesday.

Maggie H is a Life Cartographer, Eastern philosopher, Qigong master, Buddhist and Taoist meditator, Feng Shui practitioner, and researcher of Buddhist scriptures. She lives in Hong Kong, and regularly travels to both India and South Korea to further her spiritual growth and development. Her lifelong motto is: "benefit to all humankind."

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