Sound Bath x Cosmic Readings: 5 Highlights from ICBRKR’s Latest LA Wellness Series Event

We hinted at it last week and now you get to relive it for yourselves: ICBRKR’s Post-Festival Healing event in the Hollywood Hills last Tuesday was a night to remember. To remember it with you and to thank our open, generous and positive guests for infusing the space with their infectious energy, we present you 5 highlights from our latest installment of ICBRKR’s Wellness Series: Sound Bath x Cosmic Readings.

1. A resounding Sound Bath for the ages

Guy Douglas, sound healer extraordinaire, treated our guests to an incredible Sound Bath specially designed to restore our post-festival tired guests to their most energized selves. It began at sunset and featured multiple instruments, making this sound bath truly powerful and magical.

2. A panoramic view on a peaceful night

There’s no better way to counteract the madness of a festival than with a quiet, beautiful view of the sparkling city from afar, with the stars shining bright above. Our Hollywood Hills locale was simply the perfect setting while enjoyed around a cozy fire pit while this guy was playing the ukulele.

3. Stars, when you shine…

Speaking of starry nights, following Guy’s Sound Bath, celebrity tarot cards reader and ICBRKR guru of choice Angie Banicki helped enhance the mood by asking guests to set their intentions for the New Moon, an auspicious time. This encouraged our guests to extend the positive vibes created at our event into the rest of their week and hopefully beyond…

4. Candy for the soul

Further enhancing the evening’s mood was the CBD oil and candy we handed out. Desirable side effects include physical and mental relaxation with a touch of please-give-me-more.

5. After the candy, the food

Since what you put in your body is the most direct way to impact how your body feels, we served delicious organic food for dinner and refreshing coconut water for hydration. We’re talking sun-dried tomato and cannellini bean hummus, rustic kale and brown rice salad, vegetable and feta cheese potato latkes and more. Needless to say, our physical and spiritual satisfaction were complete.

Thank you to our partners and to all of those who attended! You helped make this night so special. Keep your eyes peeled for more Wellness Series events in the ICBRKR app, available on iOS and Android, and check out our complete list of post-festival healing tips on our blog.

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