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From Aries to Pisces, get your Taroscope every month by The Wellness Foundry’s Fiongal Greenlaw.

No card appears more in this month’s Taroscopes than The Moon card. The Moon represents unknown and uncertainty, which is hardly surprising considering what is happening on the global scale at present. So, don’t worry if you find yourself unsure of what to do next, as it seems no one does!

One thing is almost for sure, and this is something I said in October’s Taroscope: you’ll exit November feeling lighter than when you entered. Therefore, don’t be surprised if this month feels like a game of ups and downs!

Thankfully, most of the planets start behaving themselves too! Mars comes out of retrograde on 3rd of November, so those feelings of frustration & lack of motivation you’ve been having will begin to lift and disappear by the 13th of November.


Judgement, X of Swords, Ace of Pentacles

Even though the cards might appear somewhat ominous, it promises to be a positive month for you, dear Aries. This doesn’t necessarily mean the next thirty days will not be without its problems, but you’ll undoubtedly come out of November better than you entered. The 10 of Swords is the card of endings. Note the black sky in the background starting to break with the dawn of a new day. The Ace of Pentacles appears like the sun, so expect feelings of optimism and relief to resurface, particularly towards the end of November.

Love — 9/10

Work — 1/10

Home — 6/10


II of Swords, The Emperor, X of Cups

A mixed bag for you this month, Taurus. Don’t be surprised if it presents a series of highs and lows. The advice from the Tarot is not to take yourself or things too seriously, as expressed by the stoic Emperor; as the song goes, “Always look on the bright side of life.” Spend some time counting your blessings – make a list of all the people and things in your life for which you’re grateful. The 2 of Swords is reminding you not to get stuck in indecision; if something is troubling you, put it down and pick it up later when you’re feeling a little lighter — if it’s worth it, it’ll wait.

Love — 10/10

Work — 1/10

Home — 8/10


The Hierophant, Judgement, The Moon

Quick Tarot lesson here: The deck divides into the 58 Minor Arcana, and the 22 Major Arcana. When a lot of Major Arcana appears in a reading, it’s saying, “Hold onto your hat, things are gonna happen.” I’ll get to whether that’s good or bad in a second. But the fact that all your cards are Major Arcana means November is sure to be significant and transformative for you.

The Judgement card indicates that you’re destined for a spiritual awakening and a cosmic levelling-up. It is essential that you maintain a high degree of faith this month, as you may not know exactly where you’re headed, as indicated by The Moon, but wherever it is, you won’t be the same!

Love — 5/10

Work — 3/10

Home — 9/10


Temperance, X of Cups, The Hanged Man

What a fantastic collection of cards! In many ways, this is going to be an uplifting and favourable month for you, dear Cancer. It’s interesting to note that both figures in Temperance and The Hanged Man have a halo around their heads, a symbol of enlightenment and realization. Therefore, you are likely to experience changes in the way you perceive things; if things have eluded you for a while, November will be the month you come to gain a better understanding. The 10 of Cups is often designated as the ‘happiness’ card, so these breakthroughs and insights will be welcome.

Love — 5/10

Work — 2/10

Home — 10/10


The World, Knight of Pentacles, VIII of Wands

At last! All your hard work is paying off. I know you Leos have been beavering away for months now, trying to get things to take form, and unlike many other signs which may have thrown in the towel some time ago, your pride has kept you driving forward. Well, with the appearance of The World, the card of achievement and completion, and the Knight of Pentacles, the card of due diligence and materialization, you finally get to reap what you’ve been sowing all this time. Enjoy! You deserve it.

Love — 9/10

Work — 8/10

Home — 1/10


Judgement, V of Cups, IV of Wands

November is likely time of peaks and troughs for you, dear Virgo. The 5 of Cups speaks of disappointments and plans being dashed. So, it’s your job not to focus on the negative this month, which is sometimes easier said than done for you celestial overthinkers! Thankfully the 4 of Cups heralds light relief from anything getting too heavy. This reprieve is best found in the company of others, so keep connecting with loved ones, and don’t be afraid of when you need some help lifting your spirits. The appearance of Judgement also promises that any tough times will soon be over.

Love — 5/10

Work — 4/10

Home — 8/10


Strength, II of Swords, Page of Pentacles

Overall, these are a promising set of cards, especially with the arrival of Strength, the symbol of resilience, grace and courage. Recent political and social developments — something those that fall under the sign of Libra is interested in — will have people from other houses shook up. Still, somehow you seem to sidestep this unease, so well done you. The 2 of Swords indicates that the issues might be a little closer to home, with you struggling to make the right and necessary decisions. But the appearance of the Page of Pentacles indicates that answers that have evaded you will finally be yours to grasp.

Love — 1/10

Work — 10/10

Home — 4/10


The Moon, Queen of Pentacles, IV of Wands

True, there might be a certain amount of uncertainty for you and the world in general – as shown by The Moon card – generally, this won’t weigh you down too much this month. The Queen of Pentacles and the 4 of Wands are cards that both strongly express ideas of the home. Therefore, it is well worth turning your home into a castle in November; take this as permission to invest in a new piece of furniture, renovations, or anything that brings you joy in a domestic setting.

Love — 3/10

Work — 6/10

Home — 7/10


Death, IV of Cups, V of Cups

Your biggest challenge this month, Sagittarius? Don’t let your emotions get the better of you! Although things may appear a little grim (‘scuse the pun with the Grim Reaper himself in the Death card), remember things are often not as bad as they seem. The 4 and 5 of Cups speak of despondency and pessimism. However, if you look at both cards, there are cups that the protagonists choose to ignore. Therefore, in November, be sure to focus on the positives – write a gratitude list; perform random acts of kindness; tell people what you like about them unprompted. This approach will sure up your heart against any negativity.

Love — 4/10

Work — 2/10

Home — 3/10


Queen of Cups, IX of Wands, Ace of Pentacles

The Queen of Cups is reminding you to go easy on yourself this month, dear Capricorn. The appearance of the 9 of Wands, a card that indicates feeling battle-worn and drained, reinforces themes of taking time to rest and up your self-care. Time spent examining your emotional realms is certainly not wasted, and in many ways, it will give you the insights and direction you may well need right now. Fortunately, you will likely exit the month feeling more rejuvenated than when you came in.

Love — 2/10

Work — 8/10

Home — 5/10


VIII of Swords, IX of Cups, IV of Cups

Like many other astrological houses this month, November will be a mixed bag, and Aquarius is no different. One idiom that comes to mind with this trio of cards is: Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched; be sure not to get carried away with yourself or assume something will land your way before it does. That way, disappointment lies. Instead, ask yourself, ‘Is this what’s actually happening, or just what I want to happen?’ This is not to say good things aren’t headed your way, keep your feet on the ground until they do.

Love — 3/10

Work — 4/10

Home — 3/10


Ace of Cups, The Empress, The Moon

The Empress is ruled by Venus, the most loving of the planets, and the Ace of Cups is often known as the ‘new love’ card. Whether this is referring to romantic love is yet to be determined; it is more likely about restoring your emotional and spiritual reserves. Therefore, be sure to focus your time and energy on that which brings you happiness, rather than that which you ‘should’ do. The Moon, as mentioned in the introduction, threatens to bring confusion your way, but as long as you continue to listen to your heart, you’ll be fine.

Love — 8/10

Work — 6/10

Home — 7/10

Fiongal Greenlaw is a professional Tarot reader, Psychic & Spiritual Advisor. He set up The Wellness Foundry in 2018, to provide others with guidance and reassurance through Tarot, psychicism and yoga. He offers 1:1 psychic and Tarot readings, events, workshops & runs several intuitive development circles. He has worked with clients such as Harvey Nichols, L'Oreal, House of Hackney as well as many others. Follow his journey on Instagram and look out for his monthly Tarot readings on the ICBRKR blog.


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