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From Aries to Pisces, get your Taroscope every month by The Wellness Foundry’s Fiongal Greenlaw.

There are thirteen full moons in a year and it just so happens that October has not one, but two of them (the second being on the 31st, All-Hollow’s Eve). This occurrence only happens every two to three years. So don’t be surprised if things are a little intense for us all this month.

More than ever before, many cards are repeated from the previous month, for particular zodiac houses. Subsequently, the cards are asking us to look back at September and ask ourselves are there still things left unresolved or on our to-do list, which are still hanging over us? If so, you can’t ever really expect to move forward in the way you might like. October is the month to finally put these things to rest.

Also, there are several instances where a Tarot card appears in their respective ruling star sign (for example, The Emperor in Aries and Strength in Leo). Therefore, take some time to research your star sign’s best traits and really start to cultivate them into your life. The Universe is asking for you to be more… you; ideas of comparison will not serve you this month.


The Emperor, III of Wands, VIII of Wands

This is a surprisingly similar run of cards to last month! This means many of the themes from September are likely to resurface in October (as discussed in the introduction above). In particular, you have The Emperor, which is ruled by your sign, Aries, showing up again. This means that much is going your way at the moment. The 3 and 8 of Wands are urging you to keep your eyes on the prize. Ride the energy of the full moon in Aries on the 2nd of October and act fast!

Love — 4/10

Work — 10/10

Home — 6/10


The High Priestess, Queen of Wands, IX of Pentacles

This promises to be a month of abundance for you, dear Taurus, as shown by the 9 of Pentacles. However, that is only true if you ensure that you maintain the motivation of a go-getting attitude, as highlighted by the Queen of Wands. This is not a month for procrastination or a mañana attitude (and dare I say, you bulls can sometimes plod) – your intuition is telling you what to do, so just get on and do it. You also have permission to treat yourself this month – so take this as a green light to buy that new coat you’ve had your eye on!

Love — 4/10

Work — 9/10

Home — 3/10


Death, Queen of Pentacles, III of Pentacles

October is the time for you to actively let go of the ‘could haves,’ ‘should haves,’ or ‘if onlys.’ The appearance of Death confirms the fact that dealing in the past is not useful. Instead, take the lead from the 3 and Queen of Pentacles, which are cards that speak of productivity, application, and growth. Therefore, throw yourself into your work and long-term goals. If you need to invest in yourself, new equipment or training, this is your time to do so.

Love — 3/10

Work — 9/10

Home — 7/10


II of Cups, Ace of Wands, The Moon

These cards are asking you to bring forward all the best traits of Cancer this month: The 2 of Cups is reminding you to be loyal and caring to those you love; be sensitive to the needs and emotions of others, and your relationships will flourish. The Ace of Wands is prompting you to remember to bring joy and humour to all that you do. And The Moon is asking you to bring forth your intuition and receptivity so that you can overcome uncertainties that head your way.

Love — 8/10

Work — 5/10

Home — 7/10


VI of Cups, VII of Swords, Strength

The Strength card is ruled by the star sign of Leo, so this promises to be a very positive month for you with feelings of confidence, ambition, and light-heartedness. The VI of Cups also signifies that you could find yourself enjoying moments of luxury and pampering, so book yourself in for that facial (socially distanced, of course) or take a warm bath. But a word of warning here: the VII of Swords is telling you to hog the spotlight – not always easy for a centre-of-attention-loving lion; be generous with your praise and compliments this month.

Love — 2/10

Work — 6/10

Home — 10/10


King of Swords, The Lovers, X of Cups

Note the resplendent spray of sunshine in The Lovers and 10 of Cups – this is bound to be a great month ahead! And the King of Swords is asking you Virgos to do what you do best – chiefly be observant, honest, and humble, for this will hold you in good stead. In October, your relationships are likely to take a turn for the better, as long as you are fearless and truthful; this is not a time to play games or send mixed messages!

Love — 9/10

Work — 6/10

Home — 8/10


The Star, V of Swords, VIII of Cups

This is the second month in a row that the 5 of Swords has appeared for you, which marks conflict, disagreements and resentment. Thankfully, the appearance of The Star, a card of reflection and restoration, suggests that October could very well be a very healing time for you, dear Libra. The 8 of Cups reminds you to let go of any grudges or upset that you’re still harbouring. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while, or write that letter explaining how someone hurt you (knowing that you don’t actually have to send it). Otherwise, the powerful energy of the full moon in Aries and Mars in retrograde is likely to tip you over the edge!

Love — 10/10

Work — 4/10

Home — 3/10


The Wheel of Fortune, VI of Cups, Page of Pentacles

This is the second time in as many months that the Page of Pentacles has appeared. Therefore, you are still taking the necessary steps to get your vision and ambitions out into the world, be it developing your skills or focusing on manifestation. So keep going! Remember, fortune favours the brave – as indicated by the appearance of The Wheel of Fortune. Consequently, this is not a month to be shy or underestimate your worth. Instead, focus on your best assets and go about boosting your self-confidence, in whichever way you can; it’s time to believe in yourself chuck!

Love — 9/10

Work — 10/10

Home — 3/10


III of Pentacles, Knight of Swords, VIII of Pentacles

The 3 and 8 of Pentacles are cards that represent building upon a business venture, career, or passion project. October is not a month of umming and ahhing or necessarily starting something fresh, but instead of continuing to grow that which you have already started. Moreover, The Knight of Swords is prompting you to throw yourself in full-heartedly, something you adventurous and independent Sagittarians are more comfortable with than others.

Love — 8/10

Work — 9/10

Home — 3/10


VII of Swords, Knight of Cups, Ace of Pentacles

Last month you had the Ace of Pentacles in reverse, whereas it appears the right way up for you in October. Therefore, previous issues of abundance or the materialisation of your efforts have been overcome. Notice that in both Knight of Cups and Ace of Pentacles, gifts are being freely offered. This motif is a reminder for you to be more generous with your time and energy this month; ask friends and loved ones how you can help, or maybe send a present for no reason. Do not be selfish like the 7 of Swords!

Love — 7/10

Work — 3/10

Home — 5/10


King of Swords, VI of Pentacles, Ace of Swords

The 6 of Pentacles is asking you to keep an eye on your finances this month, beloved Aquarius; this is not a time for extravagance, big purchases, or financial risk. October is, however, an excellent chance to be working on your long-term goals, be it a business strategy, vision boards, or setting realistic resolutions. Don’t be afraid to think big – as supported by the King and Ace of Swords, both cards that indicate ingenuity and critical thinking.

Love — 9/10

Work — 3/10

Home — 9/10


VI of Cups, The Emperor, Queen of Swords

Boundaries, boundaries and boundaries is the name of the game this month, Pisces. The Emperor and the Queen of Swords are characters within the Tarot who would stand for nobody’s tomfoolery, and neither should you! So, in October, you might need to learn the lesson of saying no, or ask yourself, are you giving too much? The 6 of Cups is a reminder that if we’re running on empty, we cannot support others. Therefore, be sure to carve out some ‘me’ time, be it a long bath, some time in nature, or indulging in your favourite hobby.

Love — 5/10

Work — 8/10

Home — 10/10

Fiongal Greenlaw is a professional Tarot reader, Psychic & Spiritual Advisor. He set up The Wellness Foundry in 2018, to provide others with guidance and reassurance through Tarot, psychicism and yoga. He offers 1:1 psychic and Tarot readings, events, workshops & runs several intuitive development circles. He has worked with clients such as Harvey Nichols, L'Oreal, House of Hackney as well as many others. Follow his journey on Instagram and look out for his monthly Tarot readings on the ICBRKR blog.


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