The Environment & Your Skin

Photo by Jillian Guyette for Skin Food Talk

I change my skincare routine each season to support my body from external factors. Your skin is an organ, and like making the change in veggie consumption to adapt to the season, we need to consider the same when it comes to skincare. At Skin Food Talk, we cover a lot of this information through our Environmental skin category. Here are my top tips for gracefully embracing seasonal changes, protecting skin and recovering from the sun and different environmental conditions that may be affecting the health of your skin.

1. Supplements that support your liver and gut can help your body fight allergens and ward off toxins from your environment. A liver support such as milk thistle and a probiotic can do the trick. You can also seek out a natural antihistamine if you are experiencing itchy red skin.

2. Prepare your food at home. Cooking and preparing your food the majority of your days can help keep your body naturally regulate. You can also prepare yourself real whole foods that you know your body does best with. Eating out or eating packaged goods can lead to extra sugar, gluten and/or dairy. Which all tend to be triggers for inflammation, allergies, and lowered immune systems.

3. Add in protective skin care products. Adding in a serum, lotion or toner to help protect and nourish the skin can do just the trick during season changes and change of environment. Vitamin C is a long time favorite, an aloe vera gel to help calm irritated skin, a sunscreen with zinc and/or coconut oil to create a protective barrier. One of the most common steps missed in skin routines but one of the most important is a toner. A toner or hydrosol will help balance your skins natural PH, and prep the skin for absorption of the serum or lotion you choose to apply.

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