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Jocelyn is an Urban Explorer, Foodie, and Music Lover. She loves architecture, history, music, art, fashion, and food. If you are into these, her travel diary will help you decide where to stay, eat, hang out, and play.

Photo by Nicholas K. Hess

It's safe to say I'm a Burning Man veteran: my first burn was 11 years ago and I have been 8 times. I have traveled into the playa in various ways -- driving in with a car, driving in with an RV, and flying in with a small jet; they are all fun and unique adventures with different friends.

Over the years, Burning Man has evolved. It used to be a lot easier to get tickets and travel in, and there were fewer sound camps. I planned my first burn only 24 hours before and packed just one carry-on (I had no idea what to pack besides fun rave clothes). People were still buying tickets at the door. Now, it's a process to get a ticket, reserve an (always overpriced) RV, and prepare your outfits. I went from one carry-on to a big suitcase and a carry-on. I do enjoy dressing up, but I sometimes feel Burning Man has become a fashion show competition.

The music scene at Burning Man has definitely blossomed, and it has enhanced my experience. Regardless of the evolution, Black Rock is still one of the best cities on Earth, allowing you to unplug, express yourself through fashion, art, dance, words or hugs, absorb and discover music from the hottest established and upcoming DJs, free your mind, be open, let go, be radical, be whoever you want, and meet your soulmates, best mates or partners.

Facts about Black Rock City

photo from Atlantic

  • It only exists for one week at the end of August

  • The population is now 65,000

  • The first Burning Man took place 33 years ago on Baker Beach in San Francisco

  • Burning Man principles are: radical inclusion, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, gifting, decommodification, participation, immediacy, and leave no trace

  • Black Rock City is a half circle. The city diameter from 3 &L to 9&L is 2.1 miles, 43mins to walk across, and 13mins to bike across. The inner city diameter from 3 & esplanade to 9 & esplanade is 0.9 miles, 19mins to walk, and 6 mins to bike across.

Useful Tips

  • Center Camp is located at 6pm on the circle; you can get ice and coffee there

  • Send a letter or postcard from the Black Rock City Post Office

  • Bring something to remember someone you love, or something you want to let go of to the Temple

  • Never ever miss sunrise and sunset

  • Fastest way to bike across the playa is from inner circle - Esplanade

  • Deep playa is around 10 & L

  • The man is always in the center of the inner circle, it can help you to navigate when you are lost. Look for the man!

  • Make sure you pimp out your bike with lights for night-time cycling

  • Stay hydrated!

  • Bring gifts for strangers and friends (my playa gift is always Polaroids)

  • Always be open

  • Take a day to just explore by yourself. It's a great way to free your mind, encounter interesting situations or things, and learn about yourself.

  • Check out this amazing Packing List by Googlers

Where to stay

There are so many theme camps and they are all very different. If you're a first timer, I recommend going with friends that have been before. The quiet side is usually the 1-3PM side; I usually stay on the 9-10PM side (the fun and music side). You can camp with a tent, RV, trailer, or yurt.

Here is a list of different camps for Burning Man 2019.

Where to play

Mayan Warrior bus. Photo by Nicholas Hess

So many places to explore! These are some of the camps I recommend with amazing music or an interesting theme.

  • Deep Playa - The Robot Heart bus or Mayan Warrior art car usually station here from late night to sunrise with DJs like Lee Burridge, Damian Lazarus, or Mira spinning from the bus. Check out the ICBRKR app for schedules.

  • Sacbe Camp (3:15 & H) - This camp provides ancestral rituals and ceremonies and authentic wellness events.

  • Dr. Bronner's Camp - The human car wash shower. It's the quintessential Burning Man experience.

  • Kazbah, Discoknight, Bubble & Bass, Ibiza Camps - These camps are famous for their after-sunrise parties. Ibiza has the best Sunday after-Temple burn party.

Maxa's Xaman

  • Art cars - Try to catch some of the fun art cars like Maxa's Xaman, Miami Advice (it's a speed boat in neon colors, and they play 90s music), and the cloud.

  • PlayAlchemist (10 & G) - This camp is a pyramid and you can't miss this impressive structure. They have a great music lineup, with The Gardens of Babylon curating the music this year. Hint: Jan Blomqvist will be playing!

  • Distrikt - Day time/sunset party

  • Tierra Bomba (9:15 & F) - Super fun Colombian camp

  • spa and steam

Can't-miss 2019 events

Mayan Warrior x Robot Heart Tie-up. Photo by Nicholas Hess

  • Mayan Warrior x Robot Heart Tie-Up - Damian Lazarus will be playing the sunrise set

  • Mardeleva at Mayan Warrior on Monday sunset

  • Maxa x Katerblau on Wednesday night at Fragments

  • Sacbe x Mayan Warrior Sunset Ecstatic Prayer on Friday

  • Parallells x Jan Blomqvist - Mayan Warrior sunset on Wednesday

  • PSYCHEDELIC BREATH x Carlita @ Maxa Xaman on Thursday

  • Maxa x Tierra Bomba night at Tierra Bomba

  • Black Rock Philharmonic - Temple on Friday

  • Rufus du Sol at Robot Heart on Sunday morning

2019 art installations

Here's a full list of the installations you can expect to find this year. Below are some of the ones I'll be looking out for:

Chapel Perilous

by Rob Leifheit & the Enchanted Booty Forest

Desert WAVE

by Squidsoupfrom: Yanworth, Gloucestershire, UK

Fragments, 2019

by Marc Ippon de Ronda

Giant Pinball Machine

by Benjamin Newman


by Chris Carnabuci

See you on the playa, ICBRKR! Don't forget to RSVP and connect on our Burning Man 2019 event listing in the app. ⚡️


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