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Jocelyn L. is an Urban Explorer, Foodie, and Music Lover. She loves architecture, history, music, art, and food. If you are into these, her travel diary will help you decide where to stay, eat, hang out, and play.

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I love London. It reminds me so much of Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York - all places where I have lived before. It feels familiar because Hong Kong and Singapore were British colonies, and both cities still have British-influenced architecture, holidays and customs. London and New York are very similar, but I know I am in London because of its quintessential Victorian architecture, red double decker buses, red phone booths, the underground "tube" and the grand Buckingham Palace.

Almost everyone has been to London but where to go? I am most familiar with West London (Notting Hill, Chelsea and South Kensington) and Central London (Marylebone, Mayfair, Soho and Fitzrovia). This is a guide to these areas.

A few facts about London

  • The human population of London is close to 9 million

  • London is the capital of the United Kingdom

  • London was founded by Brutus of Troy (founder and first king of England) in about 1000–1100 B.C

  • Richmond Park is the biggest park in London

  • With more than 40% green space/open water, London is one of the greenest cities in the world

  • London has very diverse architectural styles - Tudors, Roman, Victorian, and more

  • Cars drive on the left, like in Hong Kong

  • The main financial districts are the City (South Central London) and Canary Wharf (East London)

  • Red foxes are regulars in your backyard, if you have one

Useful tips

Notting Hill by GeorgiannaLane

  • I think the best time to visit London is in the spring because cherry blossoms are blooming and the city is covered in beautiful flowers.

  • The tube is always the best way to travel as traffic is horrendous.

  • The Gatwick Express or ThamesLink National Rail are the best ways to get to Gatwick Airport; taking a car could take up to 2 hours, whereas the train takes 30 minutes.

  • The best exchange rate is from your bank. For some reason, all the ATMs in UK charge a very high rate compared to ATMs in other parts of Europe.

Where to stay

The Connaught. Photo from Pinterest

  • Andaz

  • The Marylebone

  • The Standard Hotel

  • The Mandrake

  • The Connaught

  • Chiltern Firehouse

  • The Ned

  • Ham Yard Hotel

Where to eat



5 Social

Where to play

Chiltern Firehouse from Vogue.com

For cocktails:

For an all-nighter:

Printwork. Photo by independent.co.uk

  • Printwork

  • Fabric

  • Village Underground

For shopping:

Liberty London. Photo by @prettylittlelondon

For wellness:

  • Heartcore for pilates, yoga, and cycling

  • Lifespace for sound meditation and yoga

  • Psycle for group cycling and indoor workouts

For must-sees:

Tate Modern. Photo by londonices.com.br


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