Urban Lovin'… Best City Spots to Fall in Love

Today is that day we can’t avoid, we love to hate but love to love, because love is love is love is love and hell, let’s make love not war, Hallmark or not, shall we? In celebration of Valentine’s Day no matter what your relationship status, we at ICBRKR have put together a list of reasons we love our cities and the special spots you just can’t help but fall in love with… and to.

New York

photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nyclovesnyc/17397626398

It’s a glorious melting pot: Many cities like to claim this quality, but none does it better than NYC. Whatever your background, fashion sense or quirky delight, this is where you can find your best you.

Brooklyn Bridge Park at sunset: A relatively new institution in the city (it first opened in 2010), Brooklyn Bridge Park is the perfect place to relax, admire the view and best of all, fall in love. Go there at sunset and it’s impossible not to feel the magic.

The rooftop of the MET: One of the best and most beautiful museums in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is also very romantic, particularly on its stunning Roof Garden. Great views + fresh art + Central Park nearby = [sigh].

Los Angeles

Beach sunsets and palm trees all day long, every day: When the weather is great all year long, the beach is never far and you’re greeted by palm trees at every turn, it’s easy to radiate happiness. We just can’t get enough.

Biking from Santa Monica to Venice: There is nothing more bonding and romantic than a bike ride by the beach. This one is one of our favorites.

The Griffith Observatory: Channel all the love in your heart by looking at the stars up close or the view down below at the Griffith Observatory.

San Francisco

Spoiled taste buds: Picking a dinner date spot in SF is only as hard as there are delicious places to choose from. The food scene here is unrivaled and hey, happy taste buds make for happy makeout sessions, right?

Japanese Tea Garden at Golden State Park: It's like transporting you to Japan without being there. It's so romantic to troll around the Japanese Tea Garden to enjoy the nature and Japanese architectures. Just keep in mind the park closes at 5PM, so this is for day-dates only.

Strolling in Buena Vista Park: With its great views, towering trees and winding trails, Buena Vista Park is the perfect place to get lost in the moment. It’s also the city’s oldest park, which gives it that little extra charm.


The definition of cool: Anyone who grows up in Miami will tell you, they are a Miami kid for life. There’s something about that sense of pride, that confident strut, those constant sunglasses on your head that exudes “cool” and “attractive.” Strolling through

Fairchild Botanic Garden: With the tropical Florida climate comes some of the most amazing greenery in North America. The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is as lovely as they come, and hosts some super romantic events, like a Valentine’s Day concert for example…

Pick your beach: There’s enough beach, sand and sun for everyone in Miami, so pick your fave and turn it into your best romantic moment.

Now remember, romance can mean many things… Falling in love with yourself, with your city, with your friends or with your partner. Better yet, all of the above. So Happy Valentine’s Day, ICBRKRs; be sure to fall in love fully and responsibly.

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