• Burcu Kilic


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This week's celestial highlight is a new moon which occurred on the 23rd of February, in Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign of to Zodiac and represents the synthesis of the other 11 signs, a collective consciousness and acceptance. With Pisces energy, we all experience emotional waves and face old, unresolved issues. Problems will appear suddenly, expecting solutions.

In Pisces times, it is better to be accepting of what is happening around us. It is not a time for war; poetic justice and karma are waiting for us as we all try to stay calm and accept to leave something or someone. It is a period of awakening; we come face-to-face with reality and feel that the dream is over — welcome to the real world.

New moons represent new themes and this new moon will shape the period until 9 March. When analyzing the new moon's chart, I noticed Virgo is its Rising sign. This means the main subject of this new moon is health, hygiene, organizations, working life, unrequited help and arrangement.

This new moon conjuncts with the Fomalhaut star. Fomalhaut is one of royalty stars. Its nature is similar to Mercury and Venus. Fomalhaut triggers artistic productions, enables helpfulness, raises love, and increases welfare. It is also directly related to ethics and justice. Unfair and unethical issues will end. As a result, this new moon carries very positive energy, helping us make decisions, and build connections with the sky and universe. Aim to pave your own way using your inner power.

The sky is very supportive during new moons. It's the perfect time to drop an addiction that does not work for you, and express deep feelings that need to come out. Purify your lives and love yourself.

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