• Burcu Kilic



This week, let’s talk about the Sun and Neptune. The Sun represents aim and purpose in our birth chart. It enlightens our way and represents our inner power. In mythology, Apollo is symbolized as the Sun and we call it “King.” Poseidon, the God of the Sea, is symbolized as Neptune in astrology. It rules the storms, earthquakes, fairy tales, music, songs and DREAMS.

The Sun, the planet of ego, identity and personality travels in Scorpio this week and makes good contact with Saturn, ruler of time and karma. This will make it easy to find support from authority and government. Since Mercury continues to be in retrograde, please focus on completing existing projects rather than starting new ones. The Sun and Saturn symbolize the male energy. This means male figures will take an important role this week, and you can get some benefit from them.

Looking at the angle between the Sun and Neptune this week makes me want to thank the universe. Although there Mercury is in retrograde until the end of November, this angle between the Sun and Neptune brings us luck to solve our current problems.

The Sun also creates a perfect connection with Neptune, the planet of dreams. This offers us the chance to get support to reach our dreams. The connection between the Sun and Neptune increases intuition and allows us to follow our heart. Tangible and intangible plans will speak. Intangible plans and projects will find the energy to become real. With the power of Saturn, permanent success and long-lasting partnerships can be built.

Moreover, the connection between Venus and Chiron increases synergy and helps to heal pain. We are very close to forgive and apologize. Help others and request help for your problems. Do not hesitate to speak, share your problems, and explain yourself.

Now take a piece of paper, write down your dreams, plans and problems, and start to think about them. Please remind yourself that good things happen very easily. Let them flow, and if you need, ask for help. Visit the seaside, and enjoy the color blue.

For more info, you can reach me on my Instagram account and schedule a reading on the effect of this week's perfect angles.

I wish you all a happy and fertile week 😊

Music for the week

Put Your Lights On - Santana (feat. Everlast)

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