• Burcu Kilic



We open our eyes with a strong full moon in Aries. On Monday, 14th October, the week starts with a full moon impact. I say “strong” because Pluto is in the leading role. In these full moon times, we feel deeply; our emotions will shape the result.

Disappointment, and shocking, inevitable beginnings and endings are the main subjects of this full moon. Try to stay calm and accept this radical move.

In last week's post, I already mentioned Pluto. In mythology, Pluto is Hades: death, rebirth and transformation are Plutonic themes. With the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra, we feel the need to judge; we try to be ethical, fair, and honest but it will be very challenging. Anger, temper are our tests.

We will encounter Plutonic people who try to manipulate us. Please be aware and awake and do not fall for these initial stages.

This full moon also has us reaping the results of new attempts we started with the Libra new moon from the 28th September.

Through Jupiter, we will find solutions, but do not expect significant support as Pluto is at the mid-point of the full moon and is transiting into Capricorn. This means rules, laws, and authority are the decision makers. Do not invest if you are not confident.

Chiron is in Aries, so expect headaches, migraine attacks, and unexpected accidents. Avoid sudden decisions; but if you are at a crossroad, and fear a decision with which you are faced, you must take it even if you do not want to.

Music for the week

Skyfall - Adele

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