• Burcu Kilic


Let’s welcome the new moon everybody! On the 28th of October, a new moon rises in Scorpio with the power of Uranus. In this post, I talk about Uranus -- my favorite planet. 😊


Uranus was discovered in the 19th century during the Industrial Revolution. This smart planet is closely related to technology, industrialization, modernism, scientific improvements and FREEDOM.

Uranus symbolizes rebellion, the extraordinary, surprises, and all unexpected news in astrology. In modern astrology, Uranus is accepted as the lord of Aquarius, who symbolizes intelligence and mental power.

Uranus transits make us aware and wake us up. They destroy conservatives minds, companies, usual beliefs and standards. Being free is the main aspect of Uranus transits.

For this new moon, the Sun is in Scorpio and Uranus is in the opposite sign, Taurus. When we see a Sun-Uranus contact, it is very normal to resign from a job, leave a partner, or end a relationship.

With the help of Uranus, the universe helps you feel ready for whatever new stages lie ahead. You become the lord of your life and enjoy taking independent decisions.

In these new moon times, we will make sudden decisions and receive a few surprises. Do not be shocked; welcome all changes.

Don't forget: humans are living beings that continually change and evolve. In your evolution, be prepared to leave your comfort zone and let your soul free.

This new moon will also bring similar issues experienced in 2013-2014.

Be careful with first or new loves. Relationships in this period will start and end suddenly.

For more info, you can reach me on my Instagram account and schedule a reading on the effect of this new moon on your personal birth chart.

I wish you all happy and extraordinary beginnings! 😊

Music for the week

I Want to Break Free - Queen

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