• Burcu Kilic


by Artem Kurenkov

We are about to experience huge effects from the planets this week. Here they are step-by-step:

1. On the 3rd of October, Mercury starts to travel in Scorpio. Until November, we will be very interested in secrets, hidden issues, and will think like a hawkshaw. The negative side of this transition is that you will fall in love with a huge passion, but emotions will press your rational side. You will manipulate yourselves and manipulate others! Please do not obsess; focus your attention on deep-dive searches and analysis.

If you're hiding something, it will be discovered. You can make long-term plans. It is the perfect time for occultism, psychism and intuitional learnings. The reason we celebrate Halloween is totally related to this Scorpio effect. :)

2. Also on the 3rd of October, Pluto will go out of retrograde gain some speed. We will feel the necessary power within to make concrete changes and transformations. Think about your previous 5 months, and try to define your challenges, abuses and power struggles. With the help of Saturn and Pluto transitions into Capricorn, we will all start to transform and rebuild ourselves again. I like Pluto's power. It is like bird “Roc;” if something is destroyed, Pluto's power will rebuild it and make it stronger than before. Until the end of the year, be your own “Roc” and rebuild what you need.

3. If you need courage and perseverance in the face of struggles, or need any kind of health operation, use these following 5 days. On the 4th of October, Mars will start to travel into Libra, and rather than war, we want to create consensus, peace and harmony. Mars does not feel free in Libra, so if you need action, you won't have it until after October 4th. Make love not war.

October comes with both Libra and Scorpio winds. Relationships are the main aspect, but with it, we will be more jealous, reticent and anxious too. Pick your side. 😊

Music for the week

Jealous - Nick Jonas

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