• Burcu Kilic


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Hello Libra Time, Hello Libra Energy! The Sun starts its travel in Libra ♎ and stays there 30 days! After a challenging and busy three weeks, we all need to take a deep breath and digest this September... We worked a lot!

The Sun, Mercury and Venice travel in Libra and smile with Jupiter to send us luck, peace and empathy. It's the perfect time for partnerships, marriage, relationships, travels, organisations and hobbies.

Why don’t you open your hearts to new beginnings?

If you find yourselves running away from regular, boring, and old-fashioned people and issues, do not panic 😊. Connect with more intellectual, joyful and happy people!

Remember the Full Moon of September 14th... What have you learnt? How did you feel? The universe is trying to tell you something. What is it? Follow your dreams, do not be afraid to face your problems or fears, and trust your inner self.

Before the Libra new moon arrives on September 28th, aim to complete your to-do lists! Since is a special new moon, stay tuned for the next post to get more details...

We worked a lot, now it is the time of enjoy. Wishing you a wonderful week!

Music for you this week:

Norah Jones, Come Away with Me


Ever since her childhood in Turkey, Burcu has had a huge interest in planets and horoscope, believing in both the spiritual and mathematical aspects of astrology. She is passionate about mythology, astrology and symbolism, and has taken astrology lessons from reputable astrologists in Turkey since 2017. She strives to be an expert on Energy, Karma & Horary Astrology. Besides her astrology career, Burcu has an industrial engineering background and a PhD in Business Administration. Follow her on Instragram: @soundsofplanets.


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